What Are the Alternatives to Disk Warrior 5.1 on macOS High Sierra and APFS?

Your Mac is more than just a machine: it stores all your work documents, photos, videos, music and lots of other important and irreplaceable information. Unfortunately, sometimes all this can be lost due to a system failure, malware or other various reasons. A situation when your Mac becomes irresponsible, won’t restart, won’t open files or even says you have to initialize disk is every user’s fear. That’s why it is so important to have your data regularly backed up with Time Machine.

If you want to take the security of your Mac computer to a higher level, you may choose using Disk Warrior. This app will help you recover your data and restore the disk in just a few clicks in a case of an emergency. The software is completely safe and is approved by Apple, that’s why it becomes a choice of thousands of users worldwide.

Disk Warrior works on all versions of OS X and macOS running on HFS. However, at the moment it is not compatible with High Sierra updated to run on APFS. This is why you’ll have to wait for a fresh release of Disk Warrior 5.1 which Alsoft – the app’s developer – announces to arrive in early 2018.

What are the alternatives to Disk Warrior?

While waiting for the latest version of Disk Warrior, you can try using one of these apps for the rebuilding of Mac directory:

Drive Genius 5 is a product developed by Prosoft Engineering – a company which specializes itself in the recovery of lost data. This app is an ultimate tool for maintaining and protecting important data on your Mac, as well as for solving failures and errors of the hard drive. Besides, the latest version of Drive Genius also works as an antivirus on your Mac. This software is considered to be a good alternative to Disk Warrior. However, it might be not the users’ first choice because of its price.

OnyX is a free multifunctional utility developed by Titanium Software. It combines many useful and powerful functions, including maintaining, rebuilding and configuring data, as well as disk repair. Remember, that you should download and use a specific version of the app provided for each of the major version of OS X/macOS. Many users of Onyx have noticed a significant improvement in High Sierra performance.

Techtool Pro 9.6, developed by Micromat, is compatible with macOS High Sierra running on the new APFS. The app supports SSD’s in the latest models of Macs. It is fast, powerful, and reliable.

It is also reported that the 10.13.2 Combo Update to High Sierra troubleshoots many of the existing problems, thus downloading it may help your Mac.

If you are used to running Disk Warrior on your Mac, you can wait for its next release which is fully compatible with High Sierra and APFS. However, most of experienced Apple users claim to need Disk Warrior less with Mac computers improving their performance over the past years since the start of OS X’s systems releases. Now, Mac computers do their own defragging and optimization work better.

To sum up

  • Many Apple experts state that Disk Warrior is not the app you essentially need on your Mac. What it does is building replacement database from the original data. With regular and multiple Time Machine backups of your data, you won’t need to repair your disk, being able to simply erase the volume and restore your data from the latest backup. Thus, thoughtful and careful maintenance of your computer will save you from additional operations carried out by such disk reparatory software as Disk Warrior, as well as spending extra money to purchase it.
  • In case your hard disk has failed due to whatever reason you should consider wiping and recycling it; restoring such disk and keeping your important data on it will be risky, especially after a repetitive We recommend you upgrading your hardware instead of spending money on software for disk repair. If you are choosing a brand of a new hard drive, many apple users recommend staying away from the Seagate brand due to various failures in the work of its hardware.
  • If you still would like to use a data repair app on your Mac, we recommend Drive Genius or OnyX as alternatives to it.
  • Keep checking on Alsoft’s official site, not to miss the latest update of Disk Warrior compatible with macOS High Sierra and APFS.