How to Download Mac OS X El Capitan?

If you’re using an older Mac model unable to upgrade to macOS High Sierra, it is still possible to download Mac OS X El Capitan from Apple servers.

mac os el capitan

Is Your Mac Compatible with OS X El Capitan?

To check if OS X El Capitan is compatible with your Mac model, see the list of builds and versions of OS X. It is important that your Mac has a minimum of 2GB of RAM and at least 9GB of vacant hard disk space.

OS X EL Capitan is supported by the following machines:

  • iMac models made in mid-2007 or later;
  • MacBook models made in late 2008 or later;
  • MacBook Pro models made in mid-2007 or later;
  • MacBook Air models made in late 2008 or later;
  • Mac mini models made in early 2009 or later;
  • Mac Pro models made in early 2008 or later;
  • Xserve models made in early 2009.

These Macs are compatible with Mac OS X versions:

  • OS X Yosemite;
  • OS X Mavericks;
  • OS X Mountain Lion;
  • OS X Lion;
  • OS X Snow Leopard.

To learn more about the model, build, RAM and storage capacity, go to About This Mac from the Apple menu.

How to Download OS X El Capitan from the App Store?

mac os x el capitan

It is highly recommended to perform an upgrade to macOS High Sierra instead of El Capitan. This is due to compatibility and security reasons. Using the most recent macOS version to date is recommended by the Apple support community. But what should you do if your Mac computer doesn’t support macOS High Sierra?

In case you have OS X Snow Leopard or Lion, but want to upgrade to macOS High Sierra, follow the steps below:

  1. To download Mac OS X El Capitan from the App Store, follow the link: Download OS X El Capitan.
  2. On the El Capitan, click the Download button. Next, a file Install OS X El Capitan will download into the Applications folder.
  3. When the download is over, the installer will launch automatically. To proceed with the installation, select Continue and stick to the on-screen instructions.

What If You Don’t Have the Mac App Store?

If you’re using one of the early Mac OS X versions like Leopard, you need to upgrade to Snow Leopard to get the App Store app. After that, check if there are any software updates available. In the Apple Menu, select Software Update. When the OS X Snow Leopard finishes installing updates, you will be able to access the App Store app.