How Do I Edit Pictures in the Photos App?

edit photo in photos app

Photos is a powerful app available on all Apple computers. With its help, you can store, manage and share your media files easily. Besides, Photos offers professional and easy-to-use tools for editing images. Explore them all, to achieve the best results. You can easily cancel the edits and get back the original of your photo, to start the process all over.

Before you get started:

  • Make sure to update your macOS to the most recent version.
  • Turn on the Photo Library in iCloud for all of your Apple devices, to be able to edit your images.

For your convenience, Photo Library in iCloud organizes and syncs edits on all of your devices.

To begin with

To start editing, click twice on any image in the library, and click the button edit in the app’s toolbar. Another way to open an image in the Edit view is to select it and press the key Return. In the middle of the app’s toolbar you’ll see a tab; select one of the three groups of tools for editing: Crop, Filter and Adjust.

On the toolbar you can also find the buttons of the extended tools for editing photos: they will help to enhance and rotate your image easily.

To see the image in greater detail, zoom it in by using the slider button on the left side of the window. Click the button Done, to save the adjustments once you are finished.

Adjusting the photos

adjust photo iconThe section Adjust offers you a set of powerful yet easy tools, to tune sharpness, color, light and other characteristics of your photo. You can click the button of Auto edit, or control the editing process in detail by moving the sliders of the tools.

Click the little triangle arrow situated next to the section Options, to see all the available tools.

Click the small blue circles, placed next to all tools, to switch on or off each of the individual adjustments. A circle appears next to a tool when you expand it or place a pointer over it.

photos adjust mac os

Photos app offers a handy option of copying the adjustments of one image, to be able to apply it to another one. To do it, open a photo with the adjustments you’d like to copy, and click the button Edit, next click Image, and Copy Adjustments. Now you can open a photo you’d like to apply the copied adjustments to, once again click the button Edit, then Image and Paste Adjustments.

Photo filters

photos filter iconPhotos app offers nine various filters that mix up characteristics of the three classic styles in photography – black & white, dramatic, and vivid. All filters enrich the photos while keeping the natural look of the skin tones.

Vivid, Vivid Cool or Vivid Warm will make the images vibrant; Dramatic, Dramatic Cool or Dramatic Warm will adjust the contrast; Noir, Silverstone or Mono bring changes into the classic B&W.

Cropping the photos

crop photo iconImprove the composition of your photo by straitening it and cutting off the unwanted parts. Open the Section Crop, and drag the corners and edges of the selection rectangle. Straiten the image with the numbered dial on the right side. The grid that appears on the image as long as you are moving the dial will help you out with its alignment.

photos aspect iconAspect lets you choose one of the ratios – 5:7 or square – or leave your image in the free form.

flip photo iconFlip your image horizontally or vertically, by clicking the option button.

Click the button Auto, to have your photos straightened or cropped automatically. Click the button Reset, to cancel all rotation and cropping, and restore the image to the original dimension.

Use third-party software for editing

It’s possible to edit your images from the library of Photos with the third-party software. You can use Pixelmator, Photoshop and other popular applications right from the app Photos. Select a photo, then click Image and Edit With, next choose the app for editing.

Once finished, use the keyboard shortcut Command-S, to save the edits. Any changes you make, are saved in the app Photos as non-destructive. Thus, you can always roll back to the original of your photo.

Use more tools for editing

photos extensions iconExtensions from the third-party apps expand the range of the editing options in the app Photos. It’s possible to apply editing tools from various extensions to one image. Also, you can apply the combination of any extensions plus use the built-in editing tools from Photos app.

Use the tool Markup in the Photo’s menu of Extensions, to add text, shapes, and doodles to your images.

rotate photo iconRotate your image 90 degrees at a turn counterclockwise. Hold the option key down, to rotate in the other direction.

enhance photo iconEnhance your images in a click. Apply automatic adjustments to the photo’s contrast, light, and color.