How Do I Take and Edit Live Photos with My iPhone?

enable live photoTake photos and enjoy them coming to life at a touch. Choose a key image, add effects, edit and share a photo on social media. Available on iPhone 6s and later.

What are Live Photos?

Live Photo is a great feature available on iPhone 6S and later models. It allows a user not only to capture a single picture but also to record 1.5 seconds of the live action taking place before and after the shot. Save sound and movements to bring the moment to life anytime. Taking a Live Photo is just as easy as a regular photo.

  • Launch the app Camera.
  • Set the Camera to photo mode and turn the Live Photo feature on.
  • Direct your camera and hold the device still.
  • Tap the button take photo icon.

Live Photos is enabled by default on all iPhones starting with iPhone 6S. To take a still shot, you need to turn off this feature by tapping live photo icon. Also, you can adjust the settings of the Camera, to always have the Live Photos feature off or on. To do this, open Settings, go to Camera and Preserve Settings.

Viewing Live Photos

You can enjoy viewing your Live Photos anytime through the app Photos.

  • Launch the app Photos.
  • Open the tab Photos.
  • Open the section Live Photo.
  • Press the iPhone’s screen firmly; hold it.

Set your favorite Live Photo as the Lock Screen Wallpaper, and enjoy whenever you unlock the screen of your device.

Changing the key image

In iOS 11 and all later versions, it’s possible to change the key image of your Live Photo. The key picture is the one that shows up in the photo library. Choose one of the frames in the range that build up the Live Photo.

  • Launch the Live Photo.
  • Choose Edit.
  • Move the yellow slider along the screen and appoint a frame.
  • Take your finger off, next tap the pop-up note Make Key Photo.
  • Press Done.

Alternatively, you can turn off the effect of Live Photo on your image by tapping Edit and live photo icon. Turn the effect back on by tapping live photo icon once more in Edit.

Adding effects in Live Photos

Starting with iOS 11, Live Photos offer a range of creative effects which are easy and fun to apply. Try them out, to make your Live image even more unique.

  • Launch Live Photo.
  • Scroll the screen up till the Effects section appears.
  • Choose between Long Exposure, Bounce, or Loop.

Long Exposure captures changes in movement and time. The effect it has can only be created with a DSLR real camera.

Bounce makes the short span of time captured in your Live image play to and fro.

Loop lets you make a video loop out of a Live image. Let the app Photos offer you the variants of images that would build up a good loop, or choose them yourself.

Make your edits

Change the Live images just as easy as any of your regular photos. Use the built-in tools in the app Photos to help you. Apply the filters, crop, adjust the color and light and much more. It’s even possible to mute or trim the recorded sound.

  • Launch the app Photos.
  • Open the tab Photos.
  • Tap the Live image that you’d like to change.
  • Press Edit or the button edit photo icon.

Remember that you may lose the effect of a Live Photo, using a third-party application to edit such an image.

Share or post online

Share your Live Photo easily with friends and family. All they need to view it is the latest version of Messages or an iOS. You can send out a photo as a still image or with an added Live Photo effect.

  • Tap the button share icon ios.
  • If you’d like to send a still image instead of a Live one, in iOS 10 and earlier, press Live up in the left corner.
  • Choose the way to share the photo (e.g., any of the social networks icons).
  • In case you send the Live image with Mail, it will be turned into a still photo.