How to Edit Spreadsheets in Numbers?

Numbers is a part of iWork productivity pack used to process spreadsheets, create charts, tables, and much more. iWork allows sharing documents across different Apple devices and even on a Windows PC via iCloud. The Numbers app offers unlimited data organization possibilities with a blank canvas instead of a grid. Any person editing the Numbers spreadsheet can access the same features online to modify, resize, and apply various styles to tables.

How to Lock & Unlock Spreadsheets in Numbers?

numbers locked file

If a specific spreadsheet contains important information, it is possible to lock it to prevent accidental editing, renaming, or deleting.

  1. In Numbers, click the spreadsheet name on top of the window. After that, tick or untick the Locked checkbox.
  2. Close the dialog by clicking outside of it.

Note: locking a spreadsheet and protecting it with a password are two different things. Any person can unlock the spreadsheet. To open a password-protected spreadsheet, one needs to know a unique password or authenticate with Touch ID.

How to Protect a Spreadsheet with a Password?

It is possible to assign a password to spreadsheets in Numbers so that only certain people could access the data. A password can be of any complexity and consist of an arbitrary combination of numbers, symbols, and letters.

Note: store the password securely, losing or forgetting the password will lead to data loss.

To access a password-protected spreadsheet, you have to provide the password or use a fingerprint to authorize with Touch ID.

To set password protection:

In the File menu located in the upper-left corner, select File -> Set Password. Next, enter the combination and click Set Password to confirm.

  • To enable the Touch ID authorization for a spreadsheet, select the checkbox next to “Open with Touch ID.”
  • If Touch ID is unavailable on your device, ‘Remember this password in my keychain’ will show up. Add the password to your keychain to avoid typing it every time you access a spreadsheet.

To disable/change a password:

Change a password: In the open spreadsheet, go to the File menu, then select File -> Change Password. Type in the new password, then confirm by clicking Change Password.

Disable a password: In the File menu, select File -> Change Password. Next, enter the old password and click Remove Password.

To configure the Touch ID authorization to access password-protected spreadsheets:

On your Mac:

  1. In the Apple menu, go to System Preferences -> Touch ID.
  2. Next, click ‘Add a fingerprint,’ then follow the instructions on the screen.

To access a password-protected file, double-click the spreadsheet, and put your finger on the right side of the Touch Bar located on top of your keyboard. After the Touch ID authentication is set, you can either use a password or a fingerprint to open the encrypted spreadsheets.

If you want to protect a shared spreadsheet with a password or prevent restoring an older password version, stop sharing the file, add a password, then share it again.