What to Do When Particular Email Address Cannot Be Used as an Apple ID?

Do you have an Apple ID? If you are using any of the company’s devices, most probably, you do. It means one day you may face a problem shared by many users.

incorrect apple id email

Imagine a situation when you decided to switch the basic email address for your Apple ID(s). You may have several reasons for doing that, but the point is you should not experience any difficulties. The scenario to look at is considering having two Apple IDs.

Once a user changes the first email address, it becomes impossible to use the older one with another account. Let’s say you decide simply to remove the outdated email. Suddenly, the following message pops up:

This email address is not available for use as an Apple ID. You may already have an Apple ID associated with this address. Please try again or sign in using your existing Apple ID.

What is going on and how to find the way out?

Possible Problem

Most often, the primary cause of such problem is the desire of a user to come up with an account’s address that already appears as a secondary address for an outdated Apple ID account. This scenario blocks the Apple ID development procedure. Due to the fact the email is not a basic address for any ID, the related creation date is absent so that the recovery emails are not sent anywhere.

The Simplest and Most Obvious Solution

If you do not wish to spend more than 10 minutes on solving these issues, contact an Apple officer from the official company’s customer support. What you need to do is:

  1. Enter the address of the official Apple’s website in the search field of your browser. It would becom website.
  2. Pick Support in the top menu bar.
  3. Select Apple ID icon.
  4. Choose Contact Support on the left side.

Once you diagnose the issue and identify the cause for sure, you will need another website – id.apple.com.

  • Pick Manage your ID at id.apple.com.
  • Sign in with the older account details.
  • Remove the email address that you wish to apply to come up with an Apple ID for the “alternate emails” related to the outdated account.

Try what you were doing initially again. This time, you should not have issues with Apple ID or email creation.

One More Solution

In case the proposed actions above do not help, you may try this solution. This solution was offered and approved by the Apple Support, so there is nothing dangerous about it.

Pretend the first account is AA, and another one is BB. Respectively, the basic email addresses are aa@aamail.com and bb@bbmail.com. A user should possess one more email address, for instance, cc@ccmail.com. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Disassociate the AA account and aa@aamail.com. Use cc@ccmail.com for that.
  2. Discover that it states that aa@aamail.com becomes unavailable after the first stage when attempting to relate the BB account to bb@bbmail.com. The only thing to do is wait for thirty Then, you can free up aa@aamail.com.
  3. Relate the BB account to aa@aamail.com. Once again, you should be patient for thirty days to free up bb@bbmail.com.
  4. Relate the AA account to bb@bbmail.com. While cc@ccmail.com remains, aa@aamail.com and bb@bbmail.com simply switch places. Voila!

Mind that this process requires a minimum a couple of months to be completed. However, it is worth waiting. After all, it is the most reliable way to make all email address usable as an Apple ID available on your device.