Is En.SaveFrom.Net Safe for Mac?

Perhaps, many Mac owners looked for some ways to download the videos and other materials directly from such services as YouTube. As you know, it does not have a Download button – just some sharing features. However, what if you have a strong desire to store a music video on your computer?

If you look for the possible solutions on the web, you may notice so-called En.SaveFrom.Net server, offered by many other YouTube users. It is not even an official third-party app, which you can download from the official App Store or another place that guarantees 100% safety.

Before downloading and using En.SaveFrom.Net, many Mac owners wonder if it can do any harm to the system. Most of them report the Apple device is doing fine after using this server. Still, paranoid users would like some guarantees that the system is totally safe. Who knows what sort of virus may be attached to the services like that?

Search Results and User Experience

If you search for the question online, most probably you will not find anything suspicious or threatening about En.SaveFrom.Net.

Other users who tried En.SaveFrom.Net say they do not exclude a malware, which, however, can be deleted in a few clicks.

One of the ads placed on En.SaveFrom.Net leads to the adware asking a user whether he/she would like to download or save movie downloader. In case a user clicks on that, he agrees to set up the offered applications that start downloading and risks falling for the scam. As a result, an adware will get into the system. Some users consider it unethical and refuse to install the software. On the other hand, one should not choose to agree with that option.

A lot depends on the preferred browser. While Safari does not face such issues, Mozilla Browser can. Some users report they found Spyware/Adware in Mozilla Browser. It is not smart to trust an add-on until doing an in-depth research to find out more about its threats.

Whether you have some doubts regarding En.SaveFrom.Net, it is better to get something like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to scan the system. In most cases, Mac owners do not notice anything bad from the installed plugin from the for a couple of months. Still, dedicate some time to checking the system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. In some situations, you may notice that the service’s plugin has an adware/malware. Anyway, it is not too dangerous, and you can always get rid of it with some special tools. It will not destroy the entire system.

In any case, each modern Mac is well-defended with Virus/Spyware/Adware/Malware protection. Just try using Safari when dealing with the services that promise to download any video from the web.

Browse with care and enjoy your Mac. After all, it has one of the safest operating systems in the world!