How Can One Enable Bonjour in Windows 10?

Apple’s Bonjour is a pack of networking technologies developed to assist devices and software in detecting each other on the same network.

It is just another version of the Zero Configuration Networking (Zeroconf) standard. That is a group of protocols designed to make it possible to let the network-connected gadgets communicate with the services and apps. The technology allows, for example, sharing printers between Apple and Windows-based machines.

Even though an innovation was initially designed just for Apple devices, the company decided to bring it to the enterprise and allow Windows users enjoy it too. It is helpful for the admins that work with IT consumerization.

Users who upgrade to Windows 10 try to apply these networking technologies as well as they find them useful. However, in some situations, an irritating error notification pops up telling that the Bonjour service was deactivated. It also says that Bonjour is useful for sharing audio files with others and playing them. Finally, the message gives a hint that a user should re-enable Bonjour in the Control Panel by going to Administrative Tools and selecting Services.

You may notice that your Windows 1o lacks this exact menu structure. That is why users simply get stuck at this stage.

Turn On Bonjour Services

It is kind of problem to access “services.msc” in Windows 10, but as many Windows followers use Bonjour, it means you can do it too.

Try doing the offered:

  1. Push Control + ALT + Delete buttons at the same time.
  2. Choose Task Manager from the pop-up window.
  3. Pick the tab titled “Services” at the bottom of the tab. It is a link to launch the Services control panel as well.

Other Opinions That May Work

Some people believe it is impossible to enable Bonjour Print Service on Windows 10 as it was specifically designed for Apple devices. You may try downloading the most recent version of iTunes as it runs on Windows, but it does not guarantee success. You may end up simply having mDNSResponder.exe in the Programs File/Bonjour directory along with a mdnsNSP.dll and dns_sd.jar.

If the advice above does not help, most probably your device is not compatible with Bonjour Print Service.

Another thing you may try is going to the official Bonjour app website to get the most recent version. Select Run in the download dialog. Then, you may notice a Bonjour Print Services directory on the computer. There is – a target PrinterWizard.exe, which is supposed to set up the software on Windows computer. Try to double-click its icon. It should find your installed printer. After that, just move to the Settings, and Devices, and choose Printers. A new entry for the existing printer should be there. Select the device’s properties and make it possible for Microsoft to detect the driver by picking the printer. Bonjour then receives the command, allowing the user to print on his chosen printer. Have a look at the device’s Properties to display the Apple AirPort’s Mac address.