Forgot My ‘Restrictions’ Password. What Can Be Done?

The Restriction feature on iOS devices (some also call it Parental Control) provides the ability to restrict iPhone/iPad users access to certain functions or applications on the device.

Enabling this feature is not difficult. Go to Settings → General → Restrictions. Before you activate the function, you will need to enter a special password.

What is this function useful for?

With this seemingly common function, you can prevent your child from accessing sites that contain content for adults. Or, on the contrary, open access only to specific pages, prohibiting all the rest.

You can also enter restrictions on movies, music, TV shows, programs, books. You can even forbid Siri to recognize the so-called abusive language.

Moreover, this feature does not allow changing the privacy settings for a number of services and apps. These include Contacts, Geolocation Services, Photo, Calendar, Bluetooth Access, etc.

And it seems like everything is good and works perfectly. But the problem occurs when the user forgets his restrictions password.

What to do if you forgot the restrictions passcode?

Yes, the situation is really unpleasant, but there is a way out. If attempts to remember the password entered earlier did not lead to success, you should take the following actions.

  • To begin, remember if you created a backup copy of your gadget on your computer using iTunes? If so, you can easily find the file on your laptop or desktop computer.
  • For example, go to Macintosh HD → Library → Application Support → App Store. There you will see a file named “adoption.plist.”
  • You need to choose this file. Then, while holding the control, select Edit Text from the drop-down list.
  • In the opened text array, find <integer> XXXX </ integer>. Your restriction code is exactly these four digits between ‘integer’ tags.

Another – way more radical – way is to go to Find My iPhone. There, log in to your Apple account. Next, click Erase the iPhone.

How to disable the restriction passcode on iPhone?

If you constantly forget the password or you are uncomfortable to enter it, you can disable this feature. But it is worth noting that you can do this only if you know the current password.

  • To turn off the restrictions password, go to the Settings.
  • Below you will find the General section.
  • At the bottom of this tab, go to the Restrictions.
  • Naturally, the system will not let you go there. The system will prompt you to enter your password. After its entering, click on the option Disable Restrictions.
  • Next, enter these numbers. And voila – the function will be turned off and will not bother you anymore.

To conclude

In these rather simple ways, without having to interfere in the file system of your device, you can find the forgotten restrictions passcode. After that, you only need to go to the Settings → General → Restrictions menu and specify the password that you found. You can also disable this function. But do not forget that all passwords are first and foremost security measures.