How to Get Help with Items Purchased in iTunes?

In case of any purchase-related issues, go to to see the complete list of your purchases, receipts, and report a problem with a purchased item. For this, you need to sign in using your Apple ID and password when you open the page.

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How to Find a Purchase?

If you need to locate a specific purchase, tap/click the Search Purchases field, then type in the name of the purchase.

Tap the burger menu icon   to browse the list of all purchases → select Purchases, or click Purchases on a Mac or Windows PC.

How to View a Purchase Receipt?

If you see an unrecognized payment charged to your financial institution, credit/debit card, most likely you need to pay for several purchases grouped into a single transaction. It is possible you didn’t get an individual receipt for each purchase by email.

If you want to view or find all your receipts, tap the burger menu icon  → choose Receipts to view the complete list of your receipts. On a Mac or PC, just click Receipts.

Note: if the purchase is recent, the receipt might be unavailable.

How to Report a Purchase Related Problem?

report purchase problem

Reporting any problem is possible within 90 days after making a purchase. Locate the purchase you’re having an issue with → clickReport a Problem, then follow the onscreen instructions. Apple may ask you to send more information, address the app developer, or re-download the item.

In case the purchases you need help with don’t show up in the Report a Problem section, or you hesitate regarding the Apple ID used to make payments, see if your email associated with an Apple ID, after that address Apple Support.

In case you use a Family subscription and require help with an item shared with other family members, you need to ask the family member who purchased the item to fulfill the above steps.

How to Get Help with Other Purchases in iTunes?

Note: some purchases made more than 90 days ago, are not subject to a refund. Check the terms and conditions.

Also, you might need to know how iTunes Store purchases are billed, including the purchases performed with Family Sharing.
In case you receive an email notification of an unknown charge made to your account, verify the legitimacy of the email.
It is possible to request help with in-app subscriptions and recurring purchases as well as with downgrading your iCloud subscription plan.
And, finally, it is possible to check your purchase history in the App & iTunes Store.