What to Do If a Green Line Appeared on iPhone X Screen?

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Owners of the latest iPhone X have reported a green line appearing out of the blue on the smartphone’s Super Retina display. It is claimed that possible hardware issues can be the reason. Apple Community forum became overcrowded with the picture evidence showing the vertical green line running across the right or left side of the iPhone’s X display. In particular cases, it shows up elsewhere on the screen. The issue has developed over time, and none of the smartphones shipped with a defective display. Rebooting or restoring the iPhone to its factory settings hasn’t given any results.

The «green line issue» isn’t limited to particular iPhone X models or geographic locations. The reports have arrived from users of 64GB and 256GB Silver and Space Gray modifications. The countries affected are the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Poland. It is reported that Apple keeps collecting information about the problem to help engineers investigate and fix the matter. According to Apple’s spokesperson, the issue can be caused by either hardware or software issues. Since this is most likely caused by a hardware malfunction, Apple should replace the affected units for free. The customers who have sustained the problem contacted the company to get reimbursed.

What Is Causing the Green Line Issue?

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An interesting fact: Samsung Galaxy S7 users have reported a similar display-related issue. However, the line that showed up on S7’s screens was pink, not green. Both iPhone X and Galaxy S7 use OLED displays in all modifications, which suggests the possible culprit. As for Samsung, the company has acknowledged the problem as hardware failure and replaced the affected devices.

Popular technology portals and forums have invested into investigations of their own. It turns out, iPhone’s OLED display is slightly different. It has an innovative diamond subpixel pattern which is causing the green-colored sub-pixels appear in straight lines on the screen. The report provided by TechCrunch suggests there could be an electrical fault in some of the devices redirecting the voltage flow to the green sub-pixels.

What to Do If Your iPhone X Has Been Affected?

In case your iPhone X has sustained the «green line problem,» book a Genius Bar appointment or contact Apple’s support team via phone, email, or online chat. Alternatively, address your local Apple dealership for a possibility of a phone exchange.