How Many Audio Tracks a 2GB iPod Shuffle Can Hold?

Music lovers always wonder if it is possible to have all their favorite songs and new audio tracks saved on a single Apple device. No matter how much memory your device possess, sometimes it is not enough to save all your media files on it. That is when the need to buy extra drives, flash cards, USB, and iCloud subscriptions appear. Anyway, this post will try to provide an answer to the question, “How many songs can an iPod 2 GB Shuffle hold?” The offered answers are mostly subjective as the experts take an average track’s size to determine the amount of songs to be stored on a device. The reply is approximate in case your songs are shorter or longer than 4 minutes on the average.

How Many Songs Can I Keep?

In most cases, the experts reply that a user can have roughly 240 audio tracks stored within a single gigabyte of memory. Sure thing, they add this volume will be different for different users based on the preferred song format and size of the file. The length of the song also matters – not all songs are 4 minutes long on the for the iPod Shuffle, this device is capable of storing something around 120 audio tracks on the 512 MB model. If the version contains 1 GB, the device will hold approximately 240 songs (considering each item is of AAC format with 128 kbps bit rate and four minutes long). It is the best question and explanation provided by the official Apple Support.

Apple Support Communities are right: it all depends on the iPod wonder’s preferences such as favorite genre, artists, etc. For instance, psychedelic rock songs weigh much more than pop-punk songs. Artists like Michael Jackson have both short and very long compositions. The records of classical music have worse quality as well as EPs and demos, so these types of audio files will be tiny compared to the top-quality albums.

Thus, if your iPod denies holding as many songs as you have expected, it is better to check whether they fit the limits or are at a higher bit rate. In most cases, a higher bit rate stands for 256 kbps. Please keep in mind that it’s possible to convert the audio tracks to a lower bit rate with the help of sync with the iPod via iTunes. This is the best method to import more compositions.

How to Reduce a Bit Rate?

To lower the bit rate, move to the summary page. Find the backup area there and pay attention to the drop-down menu. This one will allow reducing the bit rate of the selected audio tracks. Most users report they did not notice any significant drop in the quality of songs after the conversion. Mind that not all audio files can be converted (like those with rare, unpopular, or unknown formats). Be ready to see an error message telling that you cannot convert just everything you want. In any case, this option is rather helpful.