What Do You Need to Know About Charging Your AirPods?

Use the case of the AirPods for charging them. Thanks to the full and multiple charges it is possible to charge the AirPods anywhere, anytime, even on the go.

To get the case charged, you should plug the cable of the Lightning into the connector on the case; the Lightning comes packed with the AirPods. Next, you should plug the other Lightning’s end into a port or a USB charger. The case can be charged with your AirPods in it or without them.

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Source: support.apple.com

What you need to know about life of the battery

  • The AirPods are designed to work up to 2 hours of talking time or 5 hours of music listening on one charge.
  • Having several charges in the AirPods’ case, you can get 11 hours of talking time and over 24 hours of music listening.
  • With just 15 minutes of the AirPods being charged in the case, you can get over one hour of talking time, and 3 hours of music listening time.
  • Being low on charge, AirPods will notify you with a tone, in both or just one of them. The first time you can hear the tone when the battery is running down; the second time you hear it before the AirPods discharge and switch off.

Prolong the life of the battery

The AirPods get charged in their case. Once you open the lid, they are ready to be used.

  • Keep the AirPods inside their case whenever you don’t use them, to keep the device charged.
  • The AirPods get charged at fastest with their case when you plug it into your Mac or use an iPad or iPhone USB charger.
  • The charge of the case’s battery may reduce if you open and close its lid repeatedly.

Check on the status of the AirPods’ charge

Use your Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, to check on the status of charging the AirPods with their case.

Charging status on Mac

  • Take the AirPods out of their case, or open the case’s lid.
  • In Mac’s menu bar, click the menu of Bluetooth icon.
  • In the menu, place the pointer over the icon of the AirPods and their case.

Charging status on iOS devices

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Source: support.apple.com

To check the status the AirPods’ charge on an iPhone, open the lid of the charging case with the AirPods inside it, and hold it and your iPhone close to each other. In a few seconds, you will see the charging status.

airpods battery
Source: support.apple.com

Alternatively, you can use the Battery widget on an iOS device, to check on the charging status of the AirPods with their case. Information about the charge of the case appears when one or both AirPods are inside the case.

Get to know about the case’s status light

airpods case
Source: support.apple.com

Inside the case, between the two spaces for the AirPods, you can see the status light.

The Status light shows the charging status of the AirPods when they are inside the case. When the AirPods aren’t there, the Status light shows the status of the case itself. Green light means that the device is charged. Amber light means that there remains less than one full charge. If you see the Status light flashing white, it means that the AirPods are ready to sync with one of your devices. If the Status light is flashing amber, you should try to set up the AirPods once again.