What Are the Ways to Delete Dropbox from Mac?

Even though platforms used to store dozens of information are quite helpful, the moment when a user will want to remove it may still come. Some Mac owners cannot find a way to delete Dropbox from their Apple computers. In fact, it is enough to read a post with a response like this one to complete the mission.

What if you stick to the proposed instructions provided at the official website of Dropbox, but it does not help? One of the scenarios could be: once a user attempts to drag the app to the trash (meaning Dropbox app), it says that “some of its plug-ins are still in use.” Well, that is what your system means. It is obvious that you have to get rid of the associated plugins to move on.

Top Solution for Clean Uninstall

First of all, restart using a Safe Mode to try deleting Dropbox app once again. Keep in mind that deleting a third-party application by tossing it to the Trash is never enough on Macs. It is critical to stop all the related processes and get rid of the associated items like plugins. Perhaps, the one who cannot eliminate Dropbox just has no idea some of the related plugins are still in use. You may wonder why there is no available uninstaller.

Anyway, even with an uninstaller, it is impossible to remove the Dropbox personal account or erase the files in its folder from Mac’s hard drive. Therefore, stick to the following guidelines to remove at least Dropbox application completely:

  1. Escape the application by clicking on the Dropbox icon from the menu → picking the gear icon → choosing “Quit Dropbox” feature.
  2. Drag-&-drop the Dropbox app to the Trash from your Applications folder.
  3. The app’s folder along with everything inside will stay unaffected. Thus, it is important to drag-&-drop the entire folder to the Trash as well if you don’t want any associated items to remain.

How to Uninstall Contextual Menu?

Another thing to discuss is the way to uninstall Dropbox contextual menu. Follow these instructions:

  1. Launch the Finder app and choose Go to folder… It is on the Go menu. You can also push Shift+Command+G.
  2. Wait for the dialog box to pop up. Then, make a copy and insert the suggested command into the box: /Library. Press the Return key after that.
  3. Remove the DropboxHelper Tools folder. Just grab it and throw into the Trash. You have an option, which is deleting the app’s settings.

How to Erase Dropbox App Settings?

  1. Launch the Finder utility and pick Go to the folder… It is on the Go menu. Do not forget that you can also press Shift+Command+G.
  2. Wait for the dialogue box to appear. Then, copy and paste the offered line into the box and push the Return key once you are done: ~/.dropbox
  3. Get rid of the Dropbox app system settings. To do so, choose all items in the folder and throw them away in the Trash.