How to Get Started with Your Apple Watch

Setting up Apple Watch gadget with the help of iPhone.
Before you startapple watch 3
Keep in mind that to use your Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS and Cellular) properly, iPhone 6 or up is required. Using Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) is possible with iPhone 5s. That said, you must have the most recent iOS version installed on an iPhone.

In addition, take the following steps before moving to the Watch setup:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth: open Settings -> Bluetooth and verify it’s activated.
  2. Check whether your iPhone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi/cellular network.

Mind that if you have already set up an Apple Watch on your iPhone and wish to replace it with the new device, you can reassign it to a different iPhone and transfer all related data.

1. Turn on Apple Watch

To boot Apple Watch, push and keep holding the side button. The Apple logo should appear. Wait a bit until the progress finishes.

2.  Pair Apple Watch with iPhone

connect apple watch to iphone

Keep Apple Watch and the device close to each other. You will see the notification “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” on iPhone. Click Continue.
In case the notification does not show up for a while, launch the Apple Watch application on iPhone and tap Start Pairing.

Make sure to have the Apple Watch app and your Apple device located closely throughout the process.

3. Hold your device over the animation

The specific animation will appear on Apple Watch screen. Place the watch face in the center of the iPhone’s viewfinder. A user should see a notification telling that the mobile phone is successfully paired.
In case you cannot apply the camera, press the function titled “Pair Apple Watch Manually.” The system will display the necessary instructions, so stick to them thoroughly.

4. Sign in as a new user or recover from a backup

Before moving to Terms & Conditions, mention the wrist of which arm you will be wearing the Watch on. Then, go through the Terms & Conditions and confirm that you’ve read it by clicking on the Agree button.

5. Log in with personal Apple ID

In case the system is password-protected, type the passcode in. Otherwise, a user may log in from the Apple Watch application directly: open General ->Apple ID -> Sign in. Some options that ask for a phone number will not be active until a user logs in to iCloud.
Check whether Find My iPhone is on. If not, you’ll be requested to turn on the Activation Lock feature. The appearance of the Activation Lock screen identifies that your Apple ID is now connected to the Apple Watch application. Type your e-mail address along with the password to move on with the setup process. Did your Apple Watch belong to someone else before? Then, it is recommended to talk to the previous gadget’s owner if you want to delete Activation Lock.

6. Decide on the settings

In general, it is only possible to set up Siri, Location Services, and Route Tracking.
After that, the application displays the settings shared with iPhone. In case the options listed above as well as Find My iPhone, Wi-Fi Calling, and Diagnostics are activated on iPhone, they will also automatically launch on the Watch.

7. Come up with your passcodesetup apple watch pascode

It is possible not to enter a passcode. However, options such as Apple Pay require having a passcode for your own safety.
In the Apple Watch app on iPhone, click Create a Passcode. Another alternative is an Add a Long Passcode feature. After that, change to the Apple Watch app to type a new password. You can ignore this step, but experts recommend it for security.
One more thing is that you will be required to install Apple Pay with the help of a card.

8. Pick your settings

Fine-tune SOS and Activity features plus Cellular option (for Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular).
Next, a user can set up his applications compatible with Apple Watch.

9. Sync the devices

The process of synchronization may take a while. It all depends on the amount of information a user has. Do not waste your time. You can, for instance, browse Apple Watch Basics.
Place Apple Watch and iPhone near each other. Wait to make sure you hear a typical chime as well as feel a soft touch of the Apple Watch. It is time to tap the Digital Crown then.

Now, you can begin using your Apple Watch!
Explore Help options if needed

Apple Watch does not work? – Try recharging the gadget.
Are you asked to enter a passcode? – It means that the gadget is paired with another Apple device. You will need to erase your Apple Watch and reinstall the app to set it up from the very beginning.
Problems with Activation Lock? – It means your Apple Watch is connected to Apple ID. Type your e-mail address & password to go on (contact the previous owner if you cannot do it yourself).
Being unable to set up the Watch or seeing error notifications

  1. Check whether the most recent version of iOS is installed on your iPhone.
  2. Reboot iPhone.
  3. Reboot Apple Watch as well.

Is your Apple Watch disconnecting from the iPhone? – Just connect the gadgets again.