Find out how to use your Apple Watch

apple watch control

It is time for an Apple user to learn about one more useful gadget supported by the company. If you are a lucky owner of iPhone, do not lose it using Apple Watch!

The article below explores the ways to apply famous Apple Watch application so that it really helps in extraordinary situations like the phone loss or else. You will also discover how to use the Digital Crown, side button, and control the gadget with the help of common gestures.

Push or revolve the Digital Crown

  • Press the Digital Crown to view face/Home screen.
  • Double-click to come back to the previously applied application.
  • Push and keep holding to apply Siri.
  • Switch on to look under the loop, scroll, or adjust things you see on the screen.
  • Are you dealing with the Apple Watch Series 2 or up? Get ready to unlock the screen while a swimming workout takes place.

Push the side button

  • Push the side button in case you wish to display or, vice versa, hide the Dock.
  • Push and keep holding in order to apply SOS option.
  • Double-click on the button to use Apple Pay.
  • Push and keep holding the button to switch the Apple Watch on/off.
apple watch band

Get rid of the Apple Watch band

Turn your watch on the other side. Can you notice the band release buttons on its back? Well, find out how to delete the watch band from the clear instructions below.

Quickly glimpse at the Apple Watch screen

Have a quick glance at the screen of a watch. Do you have Apple Watch Series 2 or above? It is possible to make the brightness lower. Just wake your watch’s screen! For instance, a user may wish to have a look at the screen in a movie theater. It is better not to disturb the annoyed audience, which simply wants to have a rest and focus on the movie events alone.

Digital Crown is right what you need to wake the screen by degrees. If you want to turn the screen back to sleep, move it the other way round.

Stay organized by checking the schedule with your Time Travel

Switch on the Time Traveler tool to check your schedule and stay organized. Stick to these simple rules:

  1. Launch the Apple Watch application on your device.
  2. Tab My Watch. Next, click on Clock à Time Travel.

You will have to turn the Digital Crown to be able to use Time Travel. Every attached complication updates as you can modify the time. In order to return to the real time, push the Digital Crown tool or Time Travel.

Apply gestures

There are several well-known gestures each user may apply to communicate with the Apple Watch and monitor the gadget. Each time you touch the screen, a Force Touch technology activates to define the command. Here is what you can do with your hands!


Press on the screen with all your might (but without breaking it) to modify the face, discover application’s features, etc.


Tap the Apple Watch screen to choose a button/item.


Drag your finger across the gadget’s screen. It will allow scrolling or regulating a slider.


Swipe in various directions (up/down/left/right) to explore various screens.