How to Deal with iMac Pro Keyboard That Uncontrollably Repeats Characters?

People who manage to purchase long hoped-for iMac Pro sometimes face issues with its keyboard. Even though the company calls the latest keyboards the meticulously refined for greater comfort and responsiveness, the problem is it starts repeating the characters in a mad rhythm. Minimum one time per hour, the brand new keyboard goes completely insane! While a user is not pressing any keys, the computer repeats them being out of mind! It looks weird and creepy just like a ghost settled in the machine. Other problems could be registering the incorrect key or refusing to type at all. Random keys may misbehave. The users also add that the keys make some high-pitched noises.

A number of users have reported the problem already. The issues with iMac Pro keyboard prevent a user from working efficiently. The most alarming thing is to use Terminal in such situation. You may probably know that the smallest mistake may lead to the significant harm to the system. It is time to find the answer.

What Is the Possible Cause of Misbehavior?

You may either deal with unresponsive keys or keys that have a non-uniform feel. Most often, the problem shows up when the user cuts and pastes across iMac Pro’s windows, especially when it comes to a browser window. It does not happen with all browsers: the problem is relevant for those who prefer Google Chrome instead of recommended Apple’s Safari. In rare situations, Synergy Pro may be the cause. Bluetooth interference may be another reason why an iMac Pro owner might be facing the issue with the keyboard.

The most obvious thing to do is to try another keyboard or connect the problem one to another Apple device. If the issue persists, it is really weird. If it is gone, the keyboard is the root of all evil. It is better to replace it with another one or ask the support center o repair.

Also, try playing with the keyboard settings making them personalized.

Quick-to-Implement Solution

It is easy to guess the way out: simply switch the keyboard off and on once more. Each time you reconnect, the weird issue disappears. However, the problem takes place over and over again. In some cases, it happens every day, in others, it takes place every week or two. One more short method is to switch the “Key Repeat” feature off.

Other iMac Pro owners try rebooting the computer. They have also shared that after contacting an Apple technical support, they tried unpairing and repairing the keyboard even though the connection is fine from the start.

Some users recommend resetting PRAM/NVRAM and an SMC. These two steps help to solve many different problems on Apple computers.

To do the first one, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the Apple computer just to switch it on again. Push and start holding Option, Command, P, and R keys at once.
  2. Let the keys go in roughly twenty seconds, during which the computer may start to reboot.
    • If you hear the chime sound when booting up, release the key combination after the second sound.
    • If you see the Apple logo, release the key combination after the logo shows up for the second time.

Mind that it is necessary to switch off the firmware passcode first to make the key combination work.

After the reboot, launch System Preferences to adjust the settings that used to be reset (e.g., screen resolution, volume, disk selection, or time zone).

How about resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac? Resetting SMC on iMac Pro is a bit different from doing the same on other models of Apple devices.

  1. Select Apple menuàShut Down.
  2. Next, push and hold the power button for about eight seconds.
  3. Let the power button go. Wait.
  4. Push the power button once more to switch on iMac Pro.

Check whether the recommended options help to solve the issue with the keyboard or at least minimize your efforts. Until the problem is studied in-depth, you have to keep on turning on/off the keyboard to get rid of the issue. Unfortunately, there is no better option today.