Yellow Screen on My Brand New iMac – Any Suggestions?

It would be such a disappointment to discover a new iMac ending up with a yellow screen each time you try to turn it on. Do many users face the same problem? Is there any solution to it?

The main problem is that it is impossible to predict the computer’s behavior since you first see it. It may behave excellently during the store test. However, in a week or two, a user may find out the issue. The intermittent yellow monitor may be different in intensity and length. Of course, you can ask your friends or do nothing for a while, but it won’t help.

Pre-Repair Stage: Check It out First!

It’s funny that some users can only make the screen turn a bit yellow with the help of specific actions while others face this problem even without having any desire to change the screen that way. While being in expert mode, the one who owns iMac can do the following:

  1. Launch System Preferences.
  2. Open the Displays tab and select Color.
  3. Choose any Display Profile to Calibrate. Put a tick next to the Expert Mode box. Wait until Target White Point shows up.
  4. Check the box Use Native White Point. Then, go on and Save As a new profile name. This stage returns the user to the regular white color.

That is the first thing to try if the problem shows up. If the instruction helps to figure it out, it is possible to return and calibrate this profile and tweak any of the available settings. What if the issue remains?

imac yellow screen

Do not hurry up with your broken device to the closest Apple Store in your area – it is critical to check whether iMac is/is not in the Apple Repair Extension program. To find out if you are on the list, go to the Exchange and Repair Extension Programs page. It refers to some video and power problems.

Fixing the Problem through Repairing

No matter how good the specialists you consult are and how hard you try, most probably it is impossible to solve the issue without turning to the official company’s support. Right, you should take the “patient’ to the closest Apple Store without forgetting to bring your guarantee with you.

The experts from the Apple Store will leave iMac at the place for some time. No matter what the real cause is, it is still important to examine the problem from various angles. Be ready that a test and repairment may take up to 2 weeks (if not longer). The problem is rather rare and untypical for Apple devices. Perhaps, there is a missing detail or the one you need to change in order to make your iMac function properly again. Do not worry – it is standard practice. Unfortunately, iMacs may appear to come out with the defect parts from time to time.

Well, you should agree that it is less costly to change a single defect part than buying a new iMac. Besides, it will cost almost nothing if you have a warranty or belong to the Apple Repair Extension program. Do not get too concerned! Remember that you can also speed up the repair process – just explain how urgently you need the machine to the local specialists. Then, they will send your iMac to the closest Apple Authorized Service Provider. It will take something around three days to fix the problem and ship the device back to your address.

Keep in mind that this problem is not related to any software issues, so the only way out is to fix the device how it is described above.