iMessage Conflicting with What to Do?

As you know, iMessage is an Apple service using which you can send text and multimedia messages to other iOS devices via Wi-Fi or the cellular Internet. However, there are some nuances when configuring iMessage.

On the other hand, Google Talk is a service allowing you to communicate with colleagues, partners, friends, and relatives using voice chat and text messages. The main feature of this service is close integration with the Gmail service. To use Google Chat, you must have a Gmail account.

The thing is, these two services may have conflicts and affect each other performance.
For instance, you may turn on your Mac and see that iMessage does not work. When trying to log in to iMessage, you see a warning on the screen telling that you need to enter the password to What should you do in such situation if you have no idea what is? Or if you do not have an account or password to Google Talks, how to get back to iMessage? We will discuss that today.

How to solve this out?

When you first start the application Messages, usually the system asks you to enter the Apple ID for the iMessage account.
After logging in to the Messages app, in Settings->Accounts, you will see two accounts: Bonjour and iMessage. If you missed the step according to which you need to enter the Apple ID and immediately went to the Settings section, you would still see iMessage and Bonjour on the list. These two services cannot be deleted, just disabled or deactivated.

As you know, Apple ID can be created with an email address you used to register with Apple. Google ID can match your Apple ID. You can also use it as an iMessage account and a Google account in the Messages app. That is where the issue may originate as the system may get confused with matching IDs for different services.

How to fix Google ID

check google id

If you do not have an ID in the Messages->Settings->Accounts->My Messages section, use your Apple ID. In case this is Google ID, enter the password that you use with this ID in Apple.

The added Google ID must match the ID when logging into the web version of Google Mail. It’s worth remembering that Google Mail uses two formats – and @ On a Jabber (GoogleTalk) server, they are recognized as two different IDs. Therefore, it is clear that the password must match the one used by you in Google.

For some reason, Google appears to have a problem with applications that use SSL to securely log in to the system. To resolve this issue, please sign in to Google. Then go to the Account section.

  • If you are using 2-step verification, disable it. This does not work well with the Messages application.
  • Then activate the function of “Less secure applications”. This action will allow you to log in using SSL.
  • Do not forget to also check the Server Configuration tab. This typically displays port 5223 and server This should do the trick.