How to Insert a Square Root Symbol?

Many people who work with messages or pages in the mail on Mac wonder whether it is possible to add a squared symbol, and how they can do it. It can be explained by a vivid example.
Let’s say, the user wishes to display four (4) squared.

In Pages

  1. Type the numbers 42.
  2. Highlight number 2.
  3. Move to the Format menu. Then, take this path: Font ->Baseline -> Superscript.

The actions described above will elevate the 2 and make it smaller at the same time.
Would you like to have 2 bigger again? It is simple: pick the number, move to the Format menu once more. There, choose Font, then Baseline, and, finally, Raise option. Here you go!

In Mail

  1. Type the numbers 42 this time is a message window.
  2. Highlight the second one.
  3. You will need to pick the Edit menu. Choose Special Characters…
  4. Now, you can explore the Character screen. You will notice different versions for the second number. That is why it was necessary to stress number 2 before conducting the next stages. Double-click the right one. Perhaps, it will be the one in the upper right corner of the proposed array.

These stages must convert the accented number two (2) in the message to a corresponding superscript.

Another – and, perhaps, the shortest – way to access the Character menu and solve your problem is to push CMD+OPT+T and choose the needed symbol from the character view.

It is important to add a few words about the Character menu and view mentioned above. Not all users understand how to activate it. The Characters menu can be called out with the help of the command CTRL+CMD+Space. It makes a user access superscript 2 or the square root symbol. It looks like number two flying in the air.

Make sure that the “Digits — All” option is not located in the left-hand column. If everything is okay, choose the gear icon. Next, pick the category “Digits – All.” Simply add the category to the existing list.

As you can see, the category has a square root symbol discussed in the previous paragraphs. It means that a user can add it to the Favorites in the given category. It will allow accessing and using the symbol in a faster way.
Simply double-click it to locate in your content wherever you want.

People who need to use a lot of ² and ³ signs in their email messages may benefit from this information. A qwerty International English Apple keyboard is great, but the only disadvantage is the lack of some symbols like this. However, as you can see, you can easily overcome this problem.