Learn How to Remove and Install Memory in MacBook Pro

Today, most MacBook Pro computers arrive with a non-removable memory. Not all users enjoy that feature, and some claim they wish Apple to return this option. It is time to recall the latest line of MacBook Pros with removable RAM memory. Based on their peculiarities, discover the way to remove or install memory in your Apple computer.

Having problems with detecting your specific Apple computer model? It is not an issue any longer – you can find out how to identify MacBook Pro models. Once you are done, decide whether this guide suits you. It covers only the most recent MacBook Pros with the removable memory.

The List of MacBook Pro Models, Which Have Removable Memory

Under this sentence, you can notice the list of models that are compatible with the brief guidelines to how to replace memory in MacBook Pro.

  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, since mid-2012)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, since late 2011)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, since early 2011)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, since mid-2010)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, since mid-2009)

It is important to mind the memory characteristics described in Activity Monitor.

Replacing or setting up memory on MacBook Pro

Important notice: The internal elements of the target Apple computer can be warm. In case you were working on your Mac for some time before the process, take up to 10 minutes to let it chill once you shut down the machine. Ready?

Get rid of the bottom case

  • Shit down the device. Disconnect the power adapter and all possible accessories like USB cables, mouse, keyboards, security locks, etc. avoid harming the device!
  • Switch off your Mac and replace the 10 screws that keep the bottom case safe. They all have various sizes. Keep in mind the sizes and their locations to remove the screws in a right way. Leave them in a secure location. Lift off the case. Move it to the side.
remove screws
Source: support.apple.com
  • You will need your arm this time. Gently touch the metal surface of the Apple device. Stop any static electricity from the body.
static electricity
Source: support.apple.com

Replace the current memory

  • Press the levers on the sides of the memory module. This way, a user frees it up from the memory card slot. The memory then shows up at an angle. Discover the half-circle notches. Do not go on without seeing them.
  • Hold the memory module by its notches. Take it out carefully.
  • Get rid of the module.
  • Mind that you should keep the modules by their corners only. Never touch the gold connectors.
replace memory
Source: support.apple.com

Install memory

  • Place the notch on the golden edge. The notch should be in the lower memory slot.
  • Tilt the card. Place the memory into the slot.
  • Apply a couple of fingers to press solidly on the memory module. Once you hear a sound (usually, a clicking one) – you got it right!
  • Do the same thing again to set up an extra memory module at the top. Push on it firmly to ensure the success of the procedure.
install memory
Source: support.apple.com

Important notice: You should check whether you’ve installed the memory based on the illustrations provided throughout this article. The golden contacts should be almost entirely put inside the connector.

Remove the bottom case

Put the bottom case in its place and tighten the 10 screws taken out before. Ensure placing the screws of various sizes in the correct places.