How to Set Up Microsoft Windows on Apple Computer with Boot Camp

Have you ever heard about a utility called Boot Camp? This one makes it possible to enjoy several operating systems on Mac. If you need Windows, use Boot Camp.

That’s true: once a user installs Windows operating system on his Mac, he will be able to use both operating systems. Just specify which one you need this time when rebooting your Mac.

  • You will not be able to work with Boot Camp unless you have all necessary ingredients.
  • Your Mac should be Intel-based.
  • An Apple keyboard/mouse/trackpad. Oher alternatives include USB keyboard/mouse.
  • A Windows installation media/disk image with a 64-bit edition of Windows 8 or up.
  • Minimum 55GB of free storage.
  • A blank 16GB or more USB two flash drive. In case you possess one of the Mac models, there is no need to have a flash drive.

Overall, it is important to match all system requirements. Discover if your specific Mac model supports setting up a chosen edition of Windows.

Ensure having proper System Requirements

You need to check the system requirements as some part of Windows computers demand a specific processor and greater amount of free space and memory RAM compared to other models of Mac. Scan the documentation that arrived with the Windows copy to discover right what you need. After that, apply System Information to check what your Apple computer has out of the must-have list.

You should obtain a Windows disk image

Perhaps, you have noticed that when you purchase Windows operating system, it arrives in the shape of a disk image file. They also call it an ISO. A user should download that ISO. Another possible shape is an installation disc/USB flash drive. In case your copy of Windows arrived on a DVD, you will have to develop an ISO to work with Boot Camp. In case the OS arrived on a USB flash drive, it is possible to download an ISO from Microsoft’s official website.

Launch Boot Camp Assistant

Aren’t you sure how exactly to set up Windows on Apple computer? It is not a problem –Boot Camp has an inserted Assistant to lead the user through the process of installation. Launch the application from Utilities. You will find it in the Applications folder. After that, stick to the onscreen instructions. It will help to repartition the startup disk and download the necessary software drivers. Sometimes, a user may have to connect a blank USB 2 flash drive. Do not do that unless the system tells you to do so.

Format your Windows partition

Have you done with the process with the help of the native Boot Camp’s Assistant? Your Apple computer will reboot to the Windows installer. The system will wonder where it has to set up a new OS. Choose the BOOTCAMP partition. After that, select Format.

Those Mac owners who apply a flash drive/optical drive will need to pass this stage. Only in this situation, the system will not pick the right partition and format it properly.

Install Windows

Stick to the popping onscreen prompts to end up with Windows installation.

Reboot your Mac

Reboot the computer after the process of installation is over. Decide whether to work with Windows or macOS. To choose the preferred startup disk, apply the Startup Disk preference pane. Do not forget to reboot Mac again.