How to Deal with the Interface Issues after Upgrading to Final Cut Pro 10.3?

After successfully upgrading to Final Cut Pro X 10.3, you may experience hard times trying to access and use various browsers – title, effects, generators, etc. In this article, we will examine how to deal with the issue.

Final Cut Pro X is native Mac’s software that allows creating and editing videos of any complexity and applying numerous extra effects.

It is very easy to access the elements you are interested in. Just launch Final Cut Pro X and push the Titles and Generators button in the top-left corner of the window. Then, select Window to find a Go to option and move to Title / Generators. User may simply choose Option + Command + 1 key combination. Then, choose one of the three options:

  1. Browse all titles by clicking on them.
  2. Pick a title category below to access the titles sorted by groups.
  3. Titles disclosure triangle allows viewing the available categories.

It is a bit more complex to work with those elements so that we will focus on their features.

How to Insert a Title into FCPX Project?

Here is how one can name his project. You will need both the Titles and Generators options. Insert text, and then change the style of the letters. To insert a title, do this:

  • Drag the playhead on the timeline to the point where a name should appear.
  • The way you get the required browsers is explained Once you did that, take one of the offered steps:
  • Insert a project’s name from the browser by simply double-clicking the title.
  • Grab and drop a title clip to the playhead
  • To come up with the primary title, select Edit. Then, choose Connect Title and Basic Title. Another option is Control + T keys.
  • Basic Title will then appear in the target location.
  • You may decide on the lower-third title. Just select Edit → Connect Title → Basic Lower Third. You may use Control + Shift + T.

Mind that if there is no title of interest, apply the Filter pop-up menu. Find it at the top of the browser.

Insert a Title in the Clip in the Basic Storyline

It is a bit different option, but the steps are very similar.

  • Take the steps described above to display the Titles and Generators sidebar. Option + Command + 1 is a winning combination.
  • Take the step you consider necessary:

Browse all possible project’s names by clicking Titles in the sidebar.

You can select just one category of files you are interested in. Just pick a Title category. It is located below the Titles menu in the sidebar.

If you want to see all available title groups, choose the Titles disclosure triangle.

  • One option is to insert a title between clips in the timeline – just grab it from the browser to the desired point between the videos. You may also remove the current video and add a title video. Simply put the name from the browser to the timeline’s clip and pick Replace.

That is how a Mac owner can easily access different browsers in FCPX 10.3 and edit the elements like titles and generators.