How to Make the Most out of Your iPad with Multitasking?

Use two apps simultaneously with Multitasking – a feature on iPad with iOS 11. Write e-mails while watching videos, switch between apps with gestures, etc.

Switch between apps with gestures

Multitasking makes it possible to use gestures on an iPad, to instantly launch the application switcher. Easily switch back and forth between apps, or go back to your Home screen. Do the following:

  • See the switcher of apps: from the edge at the bottom of your screen, swipe with one finger up, or click twice the button home. You’ll see all apps opened currently. Find an app you need by swiping to the right with your one finger.
  • Switch between applications: while using one app, switch to an app you used previously, by swiping with four or five fingers to the right or left side.
  • Go back to your Home screen: make a pinching move with four or five fingers on the iPad’s screen.

Use several apps at a time with the Dock

Open new apps and switch between them instantly with the Dock. It’s even possible to set your favorite applications on the Dock’s left side, to have quick access to them anytime. On the right of the Dock will show you the apps that you’ve recently opened on your iPad, as well as on Mac and iPhone.

The Dock’s icon is situated at the bottom part of your Home screen. To switch to the Dock from any app, swipe with your finger up from the edge at the bottom of iPad’s screen.

Customizing the Dock with the favorite applications is easy: touch an icon of any app on your Home screen, and hold it for a few moments, then quickly drag to place it on the left part of the Dock.

Remove any application from the Dock, by touching and holding its icon on the Dock’s left, then quickly drag the icon off.

Using two applications simultaneously

Use the Dock for working with two and more apps simultaneously. Drag an icon of an application out of the Dock’s bar and make it a Slide Over. Drag an icon to the left or right part of iPad’s screen, to see a Split View. Dock even makes it possible to open two applications with the Split View, use one as a Slide Over, and open FaceTime in the app Picture or watch videos, all at the same time on one screen.

Opening the second application with Slide Over

Have one app slide in front of any other open app with the Slide Over. Have an app slide in front of two open apps with the Split View. Do the following:

  • Open an application.
  • Launch Dock, by swiping with your finger up from the screen’s bottom.
  • In the Dock’s pane, touch the second app’s icon, hold it and drag it up the screen.

If you already have two apps opened in the Split View, and would like to open one more app over them with the Slide Over, launch the Dock by swiping up from the screen’s bottom. Next, drag the app’s icon to the top part of the application divider.

To move along the app open with the Slide Over, touch line, hold it and drag to the screen’s right or left side.

Move an app open with the Slide Over off and back to the screen. Just tap on line icon, drag the app’s icon to the right side and off the iPad’s screen. Bring the app back by swiping to left from right.

Slide Over is available on iPad (fifth generation), iPad Pro, iPad Air & iPad Mini 2 and later models.

Using two applications with the Split View

Split View lets you work with two apps simultaneously. For instance, you can keep sending messages while viewing photos. Search for reviews of a vacation destination in Safari, and immediately find its location in the Maps.

To open Split View, do this:

  • Open an application.
  • Launch the Dock, by swiping up from the screen’s bottom part.
  • In the Dock, touch an icon of a second application, hold it and drag to the left or right part of the iPad’s screen.
  • In case an app has opened in Slide Over, you should drag the line

Make adjustments to the Split View:

  • Give the equal screen space to the apps, by dragging the application divider to the screen’s central part.
  • To switch from Split view to Slide Over, swipe from the app’s top down.
  • To quit Split View, drag the application divider over the window of an app that you need to close.

Launch other apps while watching videos with Picture in Picture

ipad picture in picture

Picture in Picture lets you combine various things like responding to messages while you are watching a movie. Tap the button picture-in-picture icon while watching videos or using FaceTime, to scale the screen of the video down, and drop it to a display’s corner. Your video will continue playing, while you launch another app.

Drag the video’s window to the other corner, to move it. Tap the button picture-in-picture icon in the left corner of the video’s screen, to go back to the full-screen mode.

Drag and drop between the applications

Drag & drop feature lets you move images, files, and text between different applications. For instance, you can drag a photo from the app Photos to an e-mail, etc. Do it like this:

  • Launch two applications in Slide Over or Split View.
  • Touch an item and hold it, to lift it up. You can select several items: touch one item, hold it and drag slightly; tap more items with your other finger while you continue holding the first one. See the number of the items selected on the badge. This way, you can work with text: first, select some text, touch it, then hold it, to lift it up. Drag your text along the screen, then drop it.
  • Drag your items to another application, to drop them.

Turn the features of Multitasking off and on

To turn the features in Multitasking off and on, open Settings, go to General and open Multitasking and Dock pane. Next, you should:

  • Allow Multiple Apps: turn off Split View and Slide Over if you don’t need them.
  • Persistent Video Overlay: disable it, to stop using Picture in
  • Gestures: disable, to stop using gestures in Multitasking (the ones that let seeing the switcher between apps, going back to the Home screen, etc.).
  • Show Suggested & Recent Applications: disable it, to stop seeing the recent apps in the right part of the Dock.

Using Background App Refresh

Once you’ve switched to another app, the previously open apps keep running for a short while before being sent to a suspended state. Applications in such state aren’t open, active, and don’t use any resources of an OS. The Background App Refresh feature lets to check the suspended applications the new contents and latest updates.

To enable this feature, open Settings, go to General, then open Background App Refresh tab and turn it on. If an app is not on the application switcher, possibly it won’t be running to check for the latest updates till you launch it again.