What to Do if iPad Is Stuck on Apple Logo Screen

Even the most popular and seemingly flawless tablets in the world are prone to failure. It is worthwhile to understand that the iPad is also a computer. This makes its “diseases” exact copies of the ailments of its older “brothers.”

More often iPad users report that their devices are literally frozen “on an apple.” Everyone knows this Apple company logo, which welcomes owner of the tablet when it is turned on. What if the icon is not even going to leave the screen?

The constant demonstration of this fruit on display acts on users depressingly. But it is not necessary to hurry with conclusions in this case. Still, there are several ways to remove the gadget from this unpleasant state. The main thing in this case is to understand why your iPad “hangs on the apple.”

The Reasons why iPad freezes

  • One of the most common causes of iPad hang-up is a crash when updating the firmware;
  • A very serious reason for contemplating the Apple logo on a dark background may be incorrect installation of programs;
  • Software failure in the operating system (especially if it is newly installed or updated);
  • As well as the ingress of dust, liquid or foreign bodies into the device.

Solving the problem of stuck iPad

We have some helpful tips for you to deal with a logo on the screen that is not going away or with the inability to connect your device to iTunes or your computer.

  1. Restart or turn off the tablet. If the device doesn’t react, press and hold the Wake/Sleep+Home button simultaneously. The combination of these keys should be held for a few seconds. Then the iPad should turn off.
  2. The next step is to connect your USB cable to your computer.
  3. After plugging the tablet cable, press and hold down the Home key.
  4. When Connect to iTunes appears on the screen, you must release the Home button. If this screen does not show up, repeat steps 1-3.

Note: You need to connect the USB cable to the computer when it is already running iTunes. Just making sure that this is so, you can click the Home button on your tablet and then connect the other side of the cable to the iPad.

Another option

  1. Connect the USB cable from your iPad to your computer.
  2. Then go to iTunes on your computer.
  3. Place the tablet in DFU (device recovery mode) mode. To do this, hold down the power button for 3 seconds. Then, while holding this button, press and hold the Home button for almost 10 seconds. Now you need to release the power button while holding the Home button for 15 seconds.
  4. A notification will appear in iTunes that your iPad has been detected in recovery mode.
  5. Choose ОК.
  6. Next, select iPad in the iTunes application and press Restore.

If all of the methods described above did not help you, most likely a problem is of a technical nature and requires the intervention of experts.