What to Do If iPhoto Doesn’t Work on Sierra?

run iphoto on sierra
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Due to introducing macOS Sierra in 2016, Apple once again proved that innovations are possible even on a seemingly established market of desktop platforms.

The new version of the OS includes the computer automatic unlock function with the help of your Apple Watch. Desktop synchronization on all computers also became available. Many disk and system cleaning tasks on your device are now carried out automatically.

Among other things, users should know that macOS Sierra does not have Apple’s brand image application iPhoto pre-installed. At the same time, it is supposed to work with it. This picture-managing tool automatically creates selected collections in the library. The tool uses special technologies for recognizing faces, objects, and places, as well as geolocation data. It can group pictures into albums depending on persons, items, and locations depicted on them. The People function automatically groups images into albums based on who is shown on them.

But even despite all these cool updates, there are questions on the forums related to some bugs. So you updated your computer to macOS Sierra and found that the iPhoto app does not open. What to do? Read on to find the answer to your problem.

Root of the problem and its solution

When you start the iPhoto, you receive a notification telling that you need to install the newest version. You are redirected to the official Apple store to download the latest version of the program. And, it would seem, it’s in the bag, but there is one catch. It says that this item is not available in the American store. What does this mean and what to do in this case?

Unfortunately, the page Updates in the App Store is no longer relevant for iPhoto. The thing is that company no longer sells this program. But the update can be set up by reinstalling the program.

Solution for iPhoto 9.x

If the user didn’t have time to make upgrades to iPhoto 9.x before the OS update, it would be impossible to renew the app via the official store. The only way to find the way out is to reinstall the app.

Note: for the following instructions to be successful, you need to work with the version of iPhoto 9.x.

Step 1. Go to the App Store->Purchases. Check if iPhoto is on the list of bought utilities. To be safe, copy the program from the folder with apps to an external or USB drive.

Step 2. Move the iPhoto from the Applications folder to the Trash. It’s worth making sure that there are no copies of the iPhoto app on the disk.

Step 3. Next, go to the Purchases section and find the line with iPhoto. There should be the Update button with the Install icon. After clicking Install, the current version that works with your OS will be installed.

Well, even such a seemingly hopeless situation can be solved. It should be noted that the utility takes almost 1.2 GB, so you’ll need to wait until it is fully installed.

If these tips do not work for you, we suggest you try out the application that came to replace iPhoto – the Photos app.