My iPod Touch 5th Generation Won’t Switch On: Why and What to Do

Even advanced Apple users may face some obstacles on their way to perfect user-experience. For instance, iPod Touch 5th Generation may simply stop turning on. It looks like there is no reason for such behavior, but still, it does not charge, iTunes does not recognize it, and iPod owner is going mad. It is not necessary to use a device for a continuous period of time to face this problem. Therefore, here you go with your favorite device ignoring any actions and rejecting to respond to any of your attempts. Are you the lucky one to have a warranty? Never toss away any documents. Perhaps, it is not the dead end, and you can still fix it. Who knows? Here are some useful answers found on the web and shared by some enthusiasts.

  1. Try Sleep/Wake + Home Button to Solve the Problem. The best solution is the easiest and most logical one. However, it may fail in rare cases. Anyway, start with this one. Attempt to restart the device by holding both the power + home buttons. Wait until the Apple logo shows up just like when you reboot your Mac. Usually, this simple step is enough to clear glitches. Plug into power and try again if the things do not get better.
  2. Unplugging the iPod. Unplug the target device from everything. Switch off the Apple device using the power switch. If it shows a green light, the device is working. Experts say 10 seconds is enough to turn a device on
  3. The Hold Switch Solution. Put the Hold switch firmly to the off mode. It means a user should stop seeing an orange light. Push and keep holding the Menu and Center/Select for something like eight seconds. You just need to see the Apple logo.
  4. Recharge the device.
  • Are cable connections in place and firm enough?
  • Connect the device to the charging cable.
  • Plug another end into power. Apply a USB adapter plugged into a wall outlet. USB 2.0 or 3.0 port may be helpful as well. Make sure they are not in a sleep mode. Other available Apple-certified power accessories work too.
  • In a few seconds, a charging screen will show up meaning it is ‘feeding’ your iPod properly.

What if the home button does not work? Well, it makes the situation a bit trickier. Some other methods still exist.

Why won’t you try doing the suggested?

For iOS: “Not responding or does not switch on.”

Do not pay attention to reset and just place your iPod in Recovery Mode when prompted. It is possible to put iPod in that mode with the help of several special tools (for example, RecBoot). You can also try downloading QTMLClient.dll and iTunesMobileDevice.dll for TRecBoot and RecBoot tip.

For Mac: Try The Firmware Umbrella – TinyUmbrella. It installs bloatware on the computer as well.

If the iOS device refuses to turn on after that, allow the battery to completely drain. Charge the iPod for minimum one hour to try the solution again.

You may also change the connecting cable or try on another device.

If nothing helps, it may mean a serious issue with the hardware and the need to visit the service center.