How to Get Rid of iTunes Installation Error on Windows

Being a heart of Apple’s software ecosystem, iTunes is a truly indispensable source of media content. It functions as glue for desktops, notebooks, tablets, and phones produced by the company; therefore, iTunes is a must-have app for individuals owning an Apple device. Furthermore, anyone with an impressive music library will be surprised how easy it can be managed with the help of iTunes.

The stunning functionality of iTunes makes it hard to believe that one app can serve some many purposes. For these reasons, audiophiles around the globe rush to download the media library manager and set it up for use with their macOS and iOS devices. Windows users have not been exempted from the trend. Unfortunately, even though many PC owners try to download and install iTunes, not all of them succeed. The Web is rife with reports on failed attempts to install the app. The most common error encountered by Windows users during the installation process is Microsoft VC80.CRT.TYPE=“win 32”. The article has been written to help PC owners overcome the obstacle and install iTunes on their machines.

itunes error

What is Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is basically an application that creates an integrated development environment in which Windows programs can be written. The error occurs because a Windows machine either lacks the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package or it hasn’t been properly installed. The redistributable is made freely available by Microsoft. Some redistributables come with the OS; others have to be installed manually. If a PC owner has been using their machine for quite some time, chances are that they already have several versions of the redistributable many of which are automatically installed along with third-party programs. Those who have just bought a PC, on the other hand, will almost certainly encounter Microsoft VC80.CRT.TYPE=“win 32” error when trying to install iTunes. The users who have manually uninstalled the package on which the media library relies will also be unable to finish the installation process.

How to Overcome the Error

To get rid of the Microsoft VC80.CRT.TYPE=“win 32” error, it is necessary to find out whether the PC is running under a 32-bit or 64-bit version of OS. To this end:

  1. Enter About in the Search Box of the computer;
  2. Check the System Type section for Windows version information.

If the machine operates under a 32-bit version of Windows, use this link to download and install the Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable. If, however, the PC runs under a 64-bit version, use this link. Download the file and follow the instructions in the installer to install the package. The next step after the installation is successfully completed is to download a security update for the redistributable. This can be done by following this link. The link provides a choice of three update packages.

choose itunes version

It is necessary to select the one that corresponds to the version of Windows. Install the update and reboot the PC. Then, one can go to the iTunes download page and get the latest version of the app. Here’s the link for a 32-bit version of Windows. This link is for a 64-bit version. Now, iTunes can be installed without a hindrance.