What to Do When iTunes Keeps Opening Itself?

What could be a more convenient way to listen to favorite bands than iTunes? The Apple’s media player offers a simple method of listening to music and managing the audio library. The intuitive navigation, a visually-pleasing interface, and social music sharing take the audio experience to a whole new level. Unfortunately, the fun of using the app can be spoiled by some nasty bugs. Specifically, some Apple users have reported that iTunes keeps randomly launching itself on their Mac. After the app is closed, it relaunches again in a few minutes to the chagrin of its users. There’s also evidence that the issue is connected with Mac’s audio port. Whenever a user experiencing the issue wiggles a headphone jack of their computer, the music app pops open.
The article has been written to help Mac users resolve the problem of randomly opening iTunes.

Where to Start?

The obvious place to start is to remove third-party widgets that interact with iTunes. If a user has several widgets, it is necessary to remove one-by-one in order to isolate the source of the problem. After the culprit has been identified, the benign apps can be reinstalled. Although this workaround takes a lot of time and patience, it is a reliable way to prevent iTunes from randomly launching itself.

Alternative Solution

If a user has not installed any widgets that interfere with the normal functioning of iTunes, it is necessary to look for an alternative solution to the issue. One thing to do is to change permissions for iTunes music stored on a Mac. Namely, in the Sharing & Permissions section of the iTunes music folder’s settings, it is necessary to remove all users who can access the folder. By selecting the No Access option for all users, it is possible to prevent iTunes from self-launching. If a user needs to listen to their music again, they have to restore previous permissions settings. Admittedly, this workaround is sorrowfully inefficient but it gets the job done. To utilize this method of solving the issue, take the following steps:

  • In the Finder, click on the Go tab and proceed to the Applications;
  • In the window that opens, double-click on the iTunes icon to start the app;
  • Once the app is opened, click on the iTunes Menu and select the Preferences option;
  • Click on the Advanced tab;
  • Remember the location of iTunes media folder;
  • Close the window;
  • Open a new Finder window;
  • Navigate to the media folder location;
  • Select the iTunes music folder;
  • From the file menu, select the Get Info option;
  • Click on the disclosure triangle at the bottom of the window to open the Sharing & Permissions settings;
  • In the Name section, select a user;
  • Set the access permission to No Access;
  • Click on the lock icon and enter the administrator’s name and password;
  • Click on the OK button;
  • Repeat steps 12 through 15 for all users;
  • Click on the gear icon and select the Apply to Enclosed Items option;
  • In a confirmation window, click the OK button;
  • Close the Get Info window.

When a user wants to use iTunes again, they will have to change the permissions back. Currently, there’s no other way around the problem.