How to Join Apple Music using an Android Phone?

Not only Apple users can join Apple Music! Users of Android phones can also get an Apple Music membership. Before you start, ensure you have Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or later installed on your phone. To verify your current Android version, go to Apps -> Settings -> About device. Next, download the Apple Music app from Google Play and install it on your phone. And, finally, create an Apple ID to use it with iTunes Store and App Store.

How to Join Apple Music on Android Phone?

apple music app for android
  1. Launch Apple Music

When you launch Apple Music for the first time, a greeting message Welcome to Apple Music should appear. In case it doesn’t, locate the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the screen -> tap For You.

  1. Start a trial period

To get started, tap the trial offer. Only one trial is available per person or family.

  1. Initiate your subscription

Go for the subscription option that suits your requirements. There are four subscription types available to users: Monthly and Annual Individual subscriptions, Student, and Family.

  1. Authenticate with your Apple ID and password

Tap Use Existing Apple ID -> provide your Apple ID and password. In case you don’t have one, choose to Create New Apple ID, then follow the further instructions.

  1. Select a valid payment method

To validate your billing info, choose a suitable payment method -> tap Join.

Users can choose the following payment options: credit or debit cards, store credit.

  1. Follow artists and friends on Apple Music

Users of Apple music receive expert suggestions based on your music tastes and profiles you follow.  It is possible to refine your music tastes later on. The Apple Music service provides insights on what your friends are listening to and notifies users about new releases from favorite artists.

How to Refine your Apple Music Tastes on Android Phone?

  1. Launch the Apple Music app -> tap the burger menu icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap your user photo or Apple ID at the top. Authenticate with your password, if requested.
  3. Tap View Account at the bottom of the screen -> tap Choose Artists For You.
  4. Tap Reset to reconfigure your music tastes completely. In case you want to modify or add items to the previously-made choices, follow the instructions to like, love, and remove genres and artists based on your preferences.
  5. To confirm the changes, tap Done.

Should You Let Apple Music Manage Calls on your Android Phone?

After you register with Apple Music on an Android phone via a wireless carrier, you might get a system message asking to verify your phone number. If you tap Continue, you’ll get a message from Apple Music asking for permission to make and manage phone calls. If you tap Allow, you confirm the permission to use your wireless phone number and allow Apple Music to access the functionality of your Android device. Still, Apple Music is unable to make or manage any phone calls on your behalf.