How to Listen to Apple Music in a Web Browser?

Users with an Apple Music subscription may wonder if they can access their favorite tunes via a web browser. It has been reported that login option doesn’t work on the Apple Music website, so it’s impossible to access music playlists without the iTunes app.

How to Access Apple Music?

So far, there is no possibility to use Apple Music through a web browser. If users want to access their music and playlists, they need to install the iTunes app. So, why is it impossible to play Apple Music tunes using a web player? The Apple Music tracks are encoded in M4P format and have an Apple FairPlay DRM protection. The majority of media players are unable to process the M4P format. For this reason, online players as well as desktop players like Windows Media Player, VLC or QuickTime won’t play songs from iTunes library. The DRM allows playing Apple Music songs only on iOS devices and Android phones with Apple Music app installed.

Still, users can access their music on the variety of devices. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Windows PC, Apple Watch 3, or Apple TV, users can play the tunes from their Apple Music library. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to Apple Music using your Apple ID.
  2. Turn on the iCloud library on your device.
  3. It is possible to re-download the past music purchases from iTunes Store to play them offline. The music purchased on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch can be downloaded to a Mac or PC.
  4. It is possible to sync the music on iPhone, iPad, and iPod with the iTunes on your Mac or PC via USB connection.

When users join Apple Music for the first time, the service identifies the tunes stored on their iOS devices, Mac or PC to compare them to the items in Apple Music catalog. Users can have music obtained not from iTunes Store or Apple Music on their devices. The source of music files doesn’t matter since the overall limit of music stored in the iTunes library is about 100,000 songs. And this restriction doesn’t relate to the music purchased in the iTunes Store.

How to Listen to Apple Music without iTunes?

Users asking for alternative ways of listening to Apple Music without iTunes can try the following methods at their discretion:

· Stream Apple Music from iPhone

It is possible to enjoy the music stored on iPhone using Apple AirPlay Receivers. To be able to listen to Apple Music on a Mac or Windows PC, one needs an AirPlay-enabled receiver to stream the music from iPhone. For this, you need the 5KPlayer.

  1. Launch ≈.
  2. Use Wi-Fi to connect 5KPlayer and your iPhone.
  3. Select the music you want to listen.
  4. Open Control Center by swiping up on your iPhone’s screen.
  5. Tap AirPlay icon to stream Apple Music to your Mac or PC without iTunes.

· Remove DRM

To play songs on a Windows PC, users can try WinX MediaTrans app to remove DRM from the M4P audio files. This way, it will be possible to listen to Apple Music songs stored on your computer without installing iTunes.