How to Locate Your Apple Device with ‘Find My iPhone’?

It is possible to discover the approximate geolocation of your Apple device using the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature on This applies to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Mac computers.

‘Find My iPhone’ will work under the following conditions:

  • ‘Find My iPhone’ feature is configured on the Apple device you want to locate.
  • The Apple Watch has to be paired with an iPhone.
  • The Apple device of interest must be online/have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
  • The AirPods must be paired with at least one Apple device and be out of their case.

How to use Find My iPhone

If you’re using Family Sharing and it’s properly configured, it is possible to locate an Apple device that belongs to a family member. Follow these steps to locate Apple devices:

1. Go to → click All Devices to list the available Apple devices.

2. The dot placed next to the specific device shows its status:

  • If you see a green dot green dot, it means the device of interest is online. If the device’s geolocation can be determined, you will see the time when it was last located.
  • If you see a gray dot gray dot, it means the device is offline (it can be switched off, or the network connection is missing). Also, if the AirPods battery capacity has run out, or they are far from the paired iOS, you may also see a gray dot.
  • In case the Apple device was online not so long ago, the time when it was located will display. In case the Apple device is offline for more than 24 hours, the indication will read “Offline.”

3. Choose the Apple device you wish to locate. 

iphone location
  • If all the conditions are fulfilled, and the device can be located, you will see its approximate location on the map.

Note: In case your AirPods are different places, you will see one map location at a time.  You will need to refresh the map to find them one by one.

  • In the event ‘Find My iPhone’ can’t trace your Apple device, it will display its last location for over 24 hours. You can tick Notify me when found to receive an email the moment it shows up online.

4. Other available options:

  • Update the location: On the map, click the green dot → click Refresh icon.
  • Move the map: just drag it sideways.
  • Zoom in: click the Zoom In button.
  • Zoom out: click the Zoom Out button.
  • Change the map view: click the current view indication (Standard) located in the bottom-right corner and select the view you want.

To use another iOS device for locating the missing Apple device:

  1. Launch Find My iPhone → tap Help.
  2. Go to the Locate your device

Note: the geolocation data may be inaccurate depending on the data collection services provided by the third-party companies.