What to Do if Your AirPods Are Lost?

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Source: support.apple.com

It is possible to locate your missing AirPods using ‘Find My iPhone.’ This function will find and indicate your AirPods on a map, play a chime to help you locate them, and revert to wireless listening.

How to Find Missing AirPods with Find My iPhone?

‘Find My iPhone’ allows to locate your missing AirPods on iOS 10.3 or later. If you have already configured, Find My iPhone on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch used with AirPods, the geolocation service is enabled by default. In case your AirPods are not in their case, and are nearby, utilize ‘Find My iPhone’ to locate them. In the event your missing AirPods are out of range with any of your devices, need charging, or are packed in the AirPod Case, the ‘Find My iPhone’ functionality can display the time and place of their connection.

How to Find your AirPods on a Map?

Go to iCloud.com and sign in. Alternatively, launch the Find My iPhone app to locate your AirPods on a map. The ‘Find My iPhone’ feature displays the geo-location of the Apple devices you’re signed in using the same Apple ID, as well as your AirPods.

In case they’re disconnected, the last time and place they were online.

On Mac or PC:

  1. Access iCloud → authorize with your Apple ID.
  2. Launch Find iPhone.
  3. Click All Devices → click your AirPods.

On your iOS devices:

  1. Launch the ‘Find My iPhone’ app.
  2. Authorize using your Apple ID and password.
  3. Tap your AirPods.

There is a colored dot next to every connected device that indicates its status.

A blue dot blue dot indicates the gadget used to search for the lost or missing AirPods.

A green dot green dot indicates if your AirPods are online. It is possible to play a chime or get instructions on where to find them.

A gray dot gray dot indicates if your AirPods are switched off, out of range, out of charge, or in their sheath. Also, it is possible to check the last known location.
If your AirPods are in different locations, only one location at a time is shown on the map. So, you can locate the AirPod displayed on the map and put it into its sheath. After that, refresh the map and locate the other AirPod.

How to Play a Sound?

It is possible to play a sound/chime to locate your AirPods if they’re somewhere near any of your Apple devices and are connected to Bluetooth. Use an iCloud website or the Find My iPhone app to play a sound. The chime plays for two minutes gradually getting louder until you make it stop.

  1. Access Actions → select Play Sound.
  2. In case AirPods locate in different places each, choose either Mute Left or Mute Right to find one at a time.
  3. Once you’ve found both AirPods, tap/click Stop Playing.

Note: Take the AirPods out of your ears before you playing the chime.

What to Do If AirPods Are Offline?

‘Find My iPhone’ should be enabled before you start looking for your missing AirPods. Otherwise, you won’t be able to locate your device. If there is a gray dot displayed on the map next to your AirPods, you won’t be able to play a chime alert to locate them. Still, you will be able to get instructions on finding the place of their last connection. If it happens that your AirPods show up online, you’ll see a notification on your iOS device used with them.

Note: ‘Find My iPhone’ is the only possibility to track/find a missing device. Unfortunately, no other Apple service can locate your Apple device for you.