Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Logic Pro X

Learn all you need to know about the Apple’s app Logic Pro X. Look through the users’ frequently asked questions. Get helpful information following the links.

logic pro x faq

Where do I purchase the Logic Pro X app?

You can check Mac App Store, to buy and download the app Logic Pro X.

What system requirements are there for the Logic Pro X app?

Logic Pro X requires:

  • At least 4GB of RAM on your Mac;
  • At least 6GB of drive space;
  • OS X 10.11 or later versions;
  • Mac’s display in resolution 1280-by-768 and higher;
  • 64-bit plug-ins of Audio Units.

See the detailed list of requirements here.

What new features can I find in Logic Pro X?

Logic Pro X comes with a long list of new powerful and helpful features. To name just a few: the app now supports up to 36 cores; it doesn’t quit unexpectedly and works more stable in its latest version; Logic Pro X creates the backups of your projects for MacOS High Sierra, etc. View the full list of improvements and updates to the app. Read about the new features of Logic Pro X here.

Can I view my older projects in the app Logic Pro X?

Logic Pro X supports the projects created earlier, starting with the version Logic 5 and all more recent versions of the app.

Is my current version of the app Logic 8 or 9 to be replaced with the latest version?

Once you’ve installed the app Logic Pro X, it will not replace your current Logic 8 and 9. However, your sound library in Logic 8 and 9 will be replaced with a reworked brand new library, created by the world’s best designers of sound. To keep your older Logic projects compatible, you should download the content of “Compatibility and Legacy,” using the Manager of Sound Library. After this, your older files in the sound library will be compatible with your current projects.

Can I download a trial version of the app Logic Pro X?

Unfortunately, there’s no trial version available for the app Logic Pro X.

Where can I download the full version of Logic Pro X?

Check on Mac App Store, to get the full version of the app.

Can I buy the app at a special price, being an already existing user of Logic?

There are no special offers for Logic Pro X. The app is available for everyone in single version only.

Can I buy a Volume License for the app Logic?

Find a contact sales number appropriate for your business/ educational organization on the Apple Contact page.

Is there Logic Pro X documentation available?

Follow this link, to access the online Manuals for the app.

What third-party interfaces of audio are compatible with Logic?

Most of the third-party interfaces of audio (those not developed by Apple) that combine with the OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 and later versions, are also compatible with the app Logic Pro X.

How can I contact customer support for the app Logic?

Follow this link to contact the support service.

Where can I send my customer feedback for the app?

Submit your product customer feedback on the Apple Product Feedback page.