Mac Freezes at Full Progress Bar on Startup

Some Mac owners report the following problem: each time they try to switch on their computers, the progress bar crashes at 100%. The device simply refuses to turn on. It is impossible to access anything stored on an Apple computer then.

Even after re-installing the operating system, performing SMC reset and disk repair, the issue remains. Is it the dead end? Is it time to buy a new MacBook?

Problem Explanation

In other words, Mac will switch on and fully load the progress bar, but the desktop won’t boot. It happens if something like a specific login or startup file is not loading. That is why it is better to erase some unnecessary login items ahead. Start using Safe Mode to see if it works. The mode deactivates the login items. Now, is your Mac processing to the desktop?

Detailed Instruction

So, you have decided to try booting up the computer in Safe Mode. It is a healthy practice to solve many different problems with Mac. Stick to the instructions:

  • Boot or reboot into the system, and immediately push the Shift button. Do not release it until you see the Apple logo on the display.
  • Let the Shift button go once you notice the login window. In case the bootup drive is encrypted with the help of FileVault, the chance a user will have to sign in twice is high. The first time you unlock the target disk. The second time you do it once more to launch the Finder app.

If you wish to stay in the Safe Mode, reboot the target computer. This time, there is no need to push any keys while your Mac is starting up.

What if the problem does not occur in Safe Mode?

In case the problem is solved with the help of Safe Mode, it is a good idea to reboot without pressing any keys this time.

The incompatible login/startup items might cause the returning problem.

The absence of the problem after its fix means the source of the issue was a cache or directory. It means Mac’s Safe Mode has handled the problem successfully.

It is possible to apply Safe Mode to get rid of other types of issues with an Apple computer as well.

No Apple Logo at the Startup!

Now, that is another problem a Mac owner may face when trying to fix the issue in Safe Mode.

The display might be the core problem. Push the power button to see if your device possesses power but lacks video:

  • Do you hear a startup chime?
  • Do you see any light from the Sleep LED?
  • Pushing the Caps Lock key makes it light.
  • Do you hear fan/drive noise?

In case one of these situations take place, and you possess an external display, Apple Support may help to find a solution.

If the problem is power, try each of the offered solutions:

  • Make sure there is a good connection between the target Apple computer and the power outlet by checking the power cord along with the adapter. Are they safely connected and plugged in?
  • Try using another power cord or adapter. Leave the power adapter connected as long as required to let the machine charge fully.
  • Push down the power button and wait for 10 seconds. After that, push this button once more.
  • Reset the SMC.
  • Disconnect the accessories plugged into your device. Those are mobile phones, USB hubs, and printers/scanners.
  • Reinstall the original memory/drive or operating system.