How to Fix Mac Freezing at Startup?

Unfortunately, any Mac user may encounter a problem when the device does not turn on and stucks on the loading process. It usually looks as follows: the computer starts to load, the Apple logo appears on the screen, but nothing happens afterward – the system does not boot up, and the device does not react to anything except forcibly pushing the power button. Why does it happen and how to combat the issue? Let’s figure it out.

mac startup freeze

If your iMac does not load or freezes during startup, the cause may be:

  • A problem with hardware (hard drive, processor, etc.);
  • An issue with OS X (for example, an upgrade to El Capitan);
  • Recently installed hardware.

In this article, we have gathered several tips that will be of great help in accordance with the abovementioned causes. So, continue reading.

Conduct Apple Hardware Test

Apple Hardware Test (AHT) includes a number of diagnostics testing the hardware of your device and helping to reveal all the problems with it. For that, do as follows:

  1. Unplug all the external devices except for mouse, display, keyboard and Ethernet connections (if any). Unless you do it, AHT may show an error message.
  2. Locate your Mac on a flat, hard, and well-ventilated surface.
  3. Turn off the computer.
  4. Turn on the device, press the D key and hold it until AHT icon appears.
  5. Choose the language and click on the right arrow.
  6. Click Test and press T or Return to start testing. You may also choose the option ‘Perform extended testing’. In this case, the test will be longer, though more thorough.
  7. Once the test is completed, check the results in the bottom-right tab.
  8. Click on Shut Down or Restart to quit the test.

Boot the device in the Safe Mode

Only a few know that macOS allows you to boot into a safe mode in order to identify various software errors in the system. In this case, only the kernel of the system is loaded with the main functions while checking the file system for errors and, if possible, fixing them. Therefore, in most cases, loading iMac in a safe mode followed by a proper software reset might solve the problem if your computer does not boot and freezes.

In order to boot the device into the safe mode, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off the computer, and then turn it on with the Shift key held down.
  2. Wait until the Apple logo appears. The process may take a while, so be patient.
  3. Once the logo appears, release the key and log in.
  4. If FileVault is on, you may be prompted to log in twice.
  5. If your Mac starts up as usual, you may assume that the issue is fixed, and now everything functions fine. However, if the device does not boot, proceed to the next step.

Reinstall OS X

If none of the above steps helps, the only thing left to do is to reinstall the operating system. To do this:

  1. Restart the device in recovery mode by turning on the computer with Command + R pressed.
  2. Wait for OS X Utilities to boot and select Reinstall OS X from the list.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions until the operating system is reinstalled.

We hope our quick tips will be useful and make your iMac user experience smooth and easy.