What to Do If Your Mac is Lost or Stolen

Have you lost your Mac? Do not let those who will steal or find it access your private information!

Mac owners are often wealthy people with solid money stored in numerous bank accounts and credit/debit cards. It makes sense these people are at the risk of being robbed or compromised. They save a lot of valuable information on their computers. That data includes logins and passwords to various accounts, private messages, important documents, etc. If your Mac is not properly protected from the start, you risk losing not only your favorite device but all your cash and even real estate. Do not let anyone access your Apple computer without your permission.

Thanks to the Find My Mac option, a user may place and defend the Apple computer if it is gone. Protecting your personal information in case of such scenario is quite simple. Just switch the function called Find My Mac in System PreferencesàiCloud. It is better to activate this function from the very beginning and prevent yourself from being compromised in case of a lost device.

In case a user is sure that his Apple device was stolen, it is better to contact the local law enforcement immediately. To sum up:

  • In case your Find My Mac option is on, apply it to locate the computer.
  • If the Find My Mac option is off, choose a different passcode and report the device is lost/stolen.

Find My Mac Feature Helps to Locate the Target Mac

It is possible to place the Apple computer on a map to detect it easily at any point in the world. If you often forget where you put your device in the office o home, just force it to make some sound each time you cannot detect it. Distantly lock or wipe the computer thanks to Find My Mac option as well. By locking the device remotely, you may sleep well knowing that an intruder won’t be able to use it. If these options seem quite useful to you, there is nothing special you should do to start using Find My Mac feature. Just register on the iCloud official website on your device before it’s lost or another computer. You can also get the feature for any iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad).

find macbook locationPlace your Apple computer on a map
Launch Find My iPhone and choose the target computer from the Devices to see the accurate location.

lock mac iconLock your device
It is possible to apply the application in order to lock the lost computer using a password distantly. It allows showing a custom message on Mac’s screen too.

sound iconForce it to make sounds
Perhaps, your device is closer than you think. You just have to take a look around or…simply command the device to make some sound to make it easier to find.

erase mac iconWipe the Apple computer
Apply Find My Mac function to remove the private information from the computer distantly.

Have your computer offline/shut down?

In case your computer is switched off or offline, Find My Mac is still enabled. It makes it possible to detect the device even when it is not working. Such feature also allows wiping the device on distance. When the computer is online again, the command of its owner will be accomplished. If you wish to cancel the commands, just remove the computer from Find My Mac mode.

How can a user unlock his Mac?

Do you wish to unlock the Apple computer after locating it? Simply type the password on the lock screen!

Don’t you remember the passcode? You can get it anytime by doing this:

  1. Login to iCloud.com/find on your Mac.
  2. Choose the target machine from the Devices list.
  3. Pick Unlock option. Stick to the instruction on the screen that tells to verify the owner’s identity. Then, you will obtain the password to unlock the target device.

In case you cannot verify your identity, bring the computer to the Apple Authorized Service Provider to fix the problem.

What if you have problems finding your Mac?

A single service that can assist in tracking and locating Apple computers is Find My Mac. There is no analogy. In case a user has not heard about this opportunity and its significance, he should take the following steps if the device is missing:

  1. Quickly switch an existing Apple ID passcode to another one not to let the first person who finds it access the machine.
  2. Modify the passcodes for the rest of the accounts used along with Mac (banking, social networks, and email).
  3. Report the lost/stolen device to local law enforcement to have a chance of finding and returning it. Do not forget to provide a serial number for your Mac. You can get this information on the original package or receipt.