How Can I Be Sure That MacKeeper Isn’t a Scam?

Many new apps developed for Macs may look quite suspicious to users who doubt the authenticity and thus, the reliability of this software for their devices. To find out if MacKeeper belongs to the applications, suitable for the Mac, read the information below.

Was MacKeeper Really Developed for Apple?

mackeeperThe very first thing every user should know about this applications: it’s real, and you can easily find it in the Apple’s App Store. However, many people while using Macs complain about some suspicious features of MacKeeper – especially regarding the interface and functions – which caused quite a bad press for the app some time ago. For example, it’s easy to get it confused with such a Trojan malware as MacDefender.

At first thought, they look very similar, but the latter one has a detrimental effect on your device. The other reason is users themselves. Some fans of Apple products scrutiny every app, which might be susceptible to the malware, and probably this one didn’t come up to their high expectations. On the other hand, we can say about unsuccessful market strategy, due to which this product doesn’t inspire trust among the users. On top of that, we have some word of mouth, when people just repeat the information they have heard somewhere without even a proper check. That’s how the bad reputation of the MacKeeper appeared.

Other Reasons Why People Don’t Trust in This Application

The first suspicious thing, which prevents users from downloading MacKeeper is the plenty of references to this application on many websites where ads pop up constantly. Such services are quite expensive, and taking into account that good apps don’t need any additional adverts at all, people think something is wrong with MacKeeper. On top of that, this application can install itself automatically without user’s permission, and it’s hard to make away with it. Moreover, as it was found out, Zeobit (a company that developed MacKeeper) made almost all positive reviews and favorable reports concerning the MacKeeper work. According to it, by the way, the app’s poor reputation was determined by the general Apple users’ delusion that Macs don’t need any anti-virus programs.

Although the reasons mentioned above hardly have something to do with technical characteristics of the application and thus, aren’t of crucial importance, users’ feedback on MacKeeper isn’t very positive as well. They consider MacKeeper as an invasive and destabilizing for the operating system. According to them, this application may make Mac freeze for an indefinite term. Yet, the App Store still sells one of the MacKeeper versions, named 911 Bundle. This proves the app still has chances to alter its bad reputation.

If You Don’t Want to Risk

The easiest way to do away with such a notorious application as MacKeeper is to delete it, or to be precise, uninstall.

However, if problems seem to be more serious and you have to remove MacKeeper manually, the following instructions will help you. First, open the icon of the hard disk and then the Library folder. Find a folder with the title ‘MacKeeper’ in your Application Support. Having done it, move it to the Trash bin. The same procedure should be repeated for any file with the similar name or the name, which contains the word ‘MacKeeper’ (and with such titles as 911, 911bundle) Thus, you will save yourself the trouble of struggling with this suspicious application.