How to Make Apple TV Remote Work Right?

It might happen that your Apple TV remote doesn’t work right. Read on to learn how to fix any remote control related issues.

How to Make Apple TV Remote or Siri Remote Work Properly?

  1. Siri Remote for Apple TV utilizes Bluetooth technology. To work properly, it has to stay close enough to your Apple TV device. In case distance is not an issue, move any objects that may be blocking the connection between the remote and your TV set/receiver. To modify the TV volume, there should be a line of sight from your remote control to the infra-red sensor located at the front of your video equipment.
  2. Apple TV Remote or Siri Remote might discharge. If that happens, charge your remote control devices with a Lightning-USB cable or a USB charger.
  3. Try pointing your remote control several inches away from Apple TV device. Press and keep holding the Menu plus Volume Up buttons on your remote for 5 seconds. To complete the pairing, put your remote control on top of Apple TV device.
  4. Reboot your Apple TV device by unplugging it from the power outlet. Wait no less than 6 seconds, and plug it again.
  5. Try switching Siri Remote to Apple Remote (white or aluminum colored). In case you have configured the Apple TV settings, use the Apple TV Remote app for iOS to manage Apple TV.

How to Charge Siri Remote and Apple TV Remote?

apple lightning usb

When Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote runs out of charge, users see an alert on TV. To check the charge on your remote, navigate to Settings -> Remotes and Devices -> Remote and select your remote.

It takes 2,5 hours roughly for the Siri Remote to charge completely. However, it is possible to use the remote while it charges. Use one of the below ways to charge your remote:

  • Connect the remote to your computer using the Lightning-USB Cable.
  • Connect the remote to a wall outlet using an Apple USB Power Adapter that ships with your iPhone or iPad. Note: Apple USB Power Adapter doesn’t come with Apple TV. Charging the remote from Apple TV is impossible.

How to Use Apple Remote?

apple remote 2gen
  1. Remove the objects blocking the course between the Apple TV Remote and Apple TV, TV set, receiver, or sound bar forepart.
  2. Unpair the Apple TV Remote control and Apple TV device. Press down the Menu plus Left buttons for at least six seconds on the remote. After that, look for sign above the remote icon on the Apple TV.
  3. Pair the Apple Remote back to your Apple TV. Press down the Menu plus Right buttons for several seconds on your Apple Remote. After that, look for sign above the remote icon on your Apple TV.
  4. Disconnect the Apple TV device from the power outlet. Wait another 6-10 seconds, and insert the plug back in.
  5. Change the battery in the Apple Remote.