How to Make a Genius Bar Appointment? Here Is How It Works Now

Earlier, it was much easier to get support from Apple Company regarding any question. These days, the process has completely changed. Some people complain about being unable to make a genius bar appointment. If you belong to the category of people who cannot figure it out, this post is for you.

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What Are Some of the Changes in the Process of Making a Genius Bar Appointment?

The company now asks all users to log in with an Apple ID in order to book an appointment with a Genius Bar. As you may remember, the users had an opportunity to specify their names, addresses, and emails to have an appointment online.

So, each time you go to the Genius Bar official web page, you should type personal Apple ID along with the passcode and verify these details. The company names different reasons for introducing new rules. An attempt to tie in a user’s Apple ID is not an uncommon practice among hackers, spies, and other intruders. This way, a company aims to guarantee user’s safety rather than make the life of people more complicated. On the whole, there is no need to panic as the process became just a bit more complicated. On the whole, the appointment place remained the same. Enter this in the search field of your browser:

What Should I Do Next?

Several circumstances will predetermine your further steps.

  • In case you possess an iOS device and the application download from the Apple Store, you may use it to have an appointment without any obstacles and additional stages. Do not confuse the Apple Store applications with the software you get from the App Store.

Just pick the Stores option, find the store you need on the list, and pick it. Then, select Genius Bar to see the entire list of available applications.

  • Give the store a call. Go to the nearest AppleCare. Get a living human. Explain him or her that you would like to make an appointment. It may sound silly and obvious, but this traditional approach that is too old, too cold works. It may take up to a week of frustration and numerous trips to the store of your choice. However, once you get the reply, you’ll be the luckiest person in the world!
  • Online method is the most popular one even though it is a bit complicated as many dissatisfied users admit. Go to the official page of the Genius Bar. Choose the local Apple Store from the drop-down menu. Decide on the reason for your visit. In other words, select the product you are having problems with (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc.) At last, you will see a full list of possible appointment dates and free time for the upcoming week(s). Choose the one that suits you. Then, just fill out the form with the personal contact information. It is better to come to the appointment a bit earlier as the waiting line is always Once you get to the chosen Apple Store, go directly to the Genius Bar and check-in. That procedure is simple enough.

Before you take the steps described in the third option, here are some tips to take into account:

  • Upgrade the apps on the target device;
  • Backup information (you may discover that it is important to delete the entire data);
  • Do not worry if your warranty has already expired or the product is not one purchased from the Apple Store – the team will help you anyway!