How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation on Mac?

A PowerPoint presentation is a rather useful Microsoft tool for sharing information with others in an effective way. Users who move from Windows to Mac OS X or macOS wish to know whether they can create such presentations on Apple computers.

make power point presentation

Mac has its analogies of every element included in Microsoft Office, so you should not worry. To use specifically PowerPoint from Microsoft, one has to install Windows using Boot Camp or Virtual Machine. It will give you a right to use any kind of applications designed for Windows. Another option is to purchase PowerPoint as a third-party software from the official website of Microsoft. Are you sure you wish to spend the extra money? Are there any alternatives?

Apps to Replace PowerPoint on Mac

Luckily, Apple considers all possible needs of its users. That is why the company has introduced its presentation application named Keynote. Perhaps, it is slightly different from the popular PowerPoint you are used to, but it costs nothing regarding money and efforts to master this tool as well. Mind that the software is not set by default once you purchase an Apple computer. It is available on Apple, and a Mac owner pays less than for any Microsoft products. It is available in the App Store. Another option is to purchase the entire suite called iWork, which offers a lot of useful solutions for education and business. iWork has the same features as Microsoft Office, so it is a direct analogy and rival.

One more idea is to work with OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Those are two other excellent analogies of Microsoft Office. They are free of charge, so those users who wish to spend no money at all would like one of these. These applications are highly-compatible with MS Office and both Windows and Mac OS X/macOS. One more option on the market is NeoOffice. All three are based on a single software and algorithm. NeoOffice is known to be more Mac-like than the rest of the similar solutions from third-party developers. In theory, it is free of charge, but it still has a tiny download fee. You pay once, but the quality and features are satisfactory in most cases. Frankly speaking, paid solutions like iWork or MS Office are still way better than these three analogies.

Viewing and Reading .PPTX File on Mac

open pptx file on mac

Let’s say; all you have to do is launch and view a .pptx file on your Apple computer. Start with importing that item to Keynote mentioned above. It is a straightforward solution because each Apple computer released since 2013 arrives with built-in Keynote. The rest of the users (those who have outdated Macs) can enjoy iWork available at the App Store for a good price.

If you have Keynote set up on your Apple device, locate the target .pptx file in Finder. Right-click on it. Transfer the cursor to Open with… and choose Keynote. Some fonts may be unavailable. It is possible to edit the file any way you want it after launching it with a Keynote.

Perhaps, Keynote is the best option. What? Are you still running old Mac? Maybe, you should switch to a newer model to use Keynote and other apps for free!