How to View, Modify, or Cancel Your Subscriptions?

It is possible to view the list of active, ending, and recently expired subscriptions, as well as completely revoke the existent subscriptions/memberships.

Specific applications or services are subscription-based. Compared to one-time purchases (in-game currency such as gems and coins), subscriptions renew until you quit them.

The automatically renewed subscriptions include Apple Music, Apple News, newspaper, and magazine subscriptions. Also, in-app subscriptions for content or streaming services (Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

Follow the below instructions if you:

  • aren’t logged in with the Apple ID used with the managed subscription;
  • are currently using another Apple device;
  • don’t see your subscription information.

The subscription cancellation procedure is different for Israel, South Africa, and Turkey.

Manage Your Subscriptions

It is possible to see, edit, or revoke your current subscriptions using iOS devices, Mac or Windows PC, Apple TV 4K or 4th generation Apple TV.

Specific subscriptions might provide a discounted/free trial period. In case you don’t cancel 24 hours before the renewal date, the subscription renews automatically.

How to Manage Subscriptions on your iOS Devices?

cancel subscription ios
  1. Navigate to Settings -> [username] -> iTunes & App Store.
  2. Tap Apple ID located in the upper part of the screen.
  3. Tap View Apple ID. Use your password to authenticate the Apple ID, if necessary.
  4. Tap Subscriptions -> select the subscription you need to manage.
  5. In the event you’re charged for a subscription that is missing on your list, most likely it’s billed via the service outside of Apple’s ecosystem. Find out what to do if you can’t view the subscription.
  6. Users have several subscription management options. It is possible to select an alternative subscription or tap Cancel Subscription to revoke your current subscription. If you choose cancellation, then your subscription will end the moment the current billing cycle is over.

How to Manage Subscriptions on your Mac or Windows PC?

  1. Launch the iTunes app. Authenticate with your Apple ID password.
  2. In the top menu bar in the iTunes window, select Account -> View My Account.
  3. Verify your Apple ID -> click View Account. You will be redirected to the Account Information page.
  4. Find the Settings section -> click Manage to the right of Subscriptions.
  5. Click Edit placed to the right of the subscription.
  6. Managing your current subscription is possible using the available options. It is possible to switch to a different subscription type or click Cancel Subscription to revoke the current subscription.
itunes apple music subscription

What to Do If Subscriptions View Is Unavailable?

  • Check if you’re using the same Apple ID used when you initially subscribed to the offering. Authenticate using another Apple ID to verify if your subscriptions are billed to it. In case a two-factor authentication is on, there might be a need to provide a verification code.
  • If you’re using a Family Sharing subscription option, a family organizer is unauthorized to manage other family member’s subscriptions. Having access to a specific family members’ account is important. There is an option of using Ask to Buy or Restrictions on your iOS device; Mac or Windows PC; or Apple TV.
  • It is possible to view and modify the iCloud subscription on your Apple device.
  • If the subscriptions are charged through the provider directly, and not through Apple, you can get help with the subscriptions.
  • In case you can’t view or change your subscription details being signed up inside an app or iTunes, address Apple Support.