How to Use Aperture 3.3 for Merging Libraries in iPhoto?

Aperture3.3 (and its later versions), as well as iPhoto 9.3 (and later versions), use libraries in the new format. This way you can open Aperture and iPhoto libraries while using any of the two applications. Besides, the “unified’ format of libraries allows merging together all of your iPhoto and Aperture libraries, to let you create one universal library containing all of your images. After, you can continue using this library both in Aperture and iPhoto.

aperture app

Merge the libraries in iPhoto with Aperture

Before you get started, it’s important to open each of the iPhoto libraries you’d like to get merged at least one time in the app iPhoto 9.3 and its later versions.

For Merging your libraries, do the following:

  1. First, launch Aperture 3.3 or any of its later versions.
  2. Open the file menu; then click Switch to the Library, and New/Other. Choose any iPhoto library that you would like to get merged, using the selector.
  3. Click File, then Import, and Library.
  4. Select other libraries in iPhoto you’d like to get merged.
  5. For merging more libraries in iPhoto, repeat the Steps 3 and 4.

The library mentioned in the above step 2, includes the contents of all the libraries that have been merged. All other iPhoto libraries are present and still can be accessed through your Mac. After you confirm that your unified image library works correctly, you can remove all other iPhoto libraries out of Mac’s hard disk. To avoid loss of important data, you should backup the libraries before the process of merging.