How to Minimize Photo Size in Preview on Mac?

A Preview tool on an Apple computer is an extremely useful option when dealing with PDF files. It allows:

  • Adding or highlighting texts;
  • Coming up with notes;
  • Adding author’s signature;
  • Editing photos;
  • Sharing and exporting files.

Speaking of photo editing, many users wonder about the way to modify pictures with the help of Preview. In particular, it would be useful to minimize the size of the photo as some of the images from the user’s digital cameras are rather huge. Not to use a lot of space on a single picture, it a great idea to decrease its size, but doing it without losing quality is almost impossible.

The problem you may face in, for example, Preview Version 5.0.3 is having no clue how to manage a large file.

Basic Instructions from the Preview Developers

Preview offers simple instructions to reduce the file size. In order to minimize the photo’s size without modifying the dimensions:

  • Select Tools and Adjust Size.
  • Pick Resample image.
  • Type a smaller value of the image in the Resolution field.

An alternative guide from the Apple Support looks this way:

  1. To crop a file, drag to choose the crop filed. Select Tools and Crop.
  2. To rotate a file, select Tools. There you will see Rotate Left/Rotate Right.
  3. In order to adjust color, pick Tools and Adjust Color. Place a slider to enable an adjustment.
  4. Finally, to get fast access to edit controls, simply pick .

It looks pretty easy, right? So, what could be the deal?

The issue may appear in the shape of the “Adjust Size” application being dimmed. It is impossible to pick the software then. Still, a user would like to know how to reduce the size of PDF file.

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s look at the official Preview instructions under the loop to discover how to fix images in this application. It works for the version of a Preview app 5.0.3. on Mac.

  1. Launch Applications to get to the Preview app.
  2. Being in Preview, select File and Open.
open image file
  1. Select an image to modify. Pick the Open button.

When the image appears in the Preview window, move up to the menu bar and select Tools and Adjust Size.

The window to pop up will display the current size of the photo.

change image size

Think about the proper resolution to compress the file (make it smaller). Ensure changing the image’s resolution to the preferred one.

After modifying the resolution, modify the pixel dimensions to the optimal size. Once you’ve changed the resolution, you may change the pixel dimensions to your optimal size.

Return to the menu bar and move to File. Select Save as. Come up with the new name (for instance, it is possible to add “resize” in the original name. Push the Save Button once you are finished.

Image Size Suggestions

Digital photo sizing depends on son 3 various measurements. They are all interrelated.

  • Pixel Dimensions – With & height in pixels.
  • Inches/Centimeters.
  • DPI Dots per inch.

Pixel dimension is a rather critical no matter whether you prefer working online or in presentation apps.

DPI is extremely significant for many reasons. Look at the chart offering the main rules to stick to while working with DPI:

dpi table