How to mirror PC/Windows 10 screen to the new Apple TV

Some Apple TV owners wish to know how to mirror a Surface Book screen to the Apple TV and whether it is possible at all. You may probably know that it is real to do so on MacBook or iPad when a user goes to the control center on any iOS device and chooses a mirror to Apple TV. It is very convenient and exciting! This option saves a plenty of time searching for the video you would like to watch.

There is no official, 100% effective way to mirror PC/Windows 10 screen to the latest Apple TV. Currently, users can share content from iTunes to the Apple TV only from a Windows device from anything Apple/Microsoft offers.

It is possible to connect a Surface Book to various displays, but the Apple TV is not on the list, unfortunately.

Third-Party Solution

Third-party developers always come up with the brilliant applications to overcome the possible problems with Apple TV and other devices released by this company. Such tools, for instance, offer a screen mirroring via wireless connection for everybody.

They promise to add a top-notch screen mirroring to Windows devices. Apple TV receiver will help with that; Chromecast and Reflector 2 can also be used. Most of these apps guarantee a premium mirroring experience.

You may wonder how the applications like that work. Simply pick any media file once the installation process is over. Then, start watching the target video with the help of the chosen third-party mirroring software. It allows monitoring playback from the distant control. It is possible to broadcast sound in 5.1 surround mode for a theatre experience while staying at home. In most cases, such applications deal with many different formats, so there is no need to convert every single video before watching.

Airsquirrels, AirMyPC, and AirParrot

It does not matter which type of files a user wants to send to devices throughout home or workplace, these apps may help. An example might be streaming audios from an iPhone X to a Wi-Fi speaker. Thus, it does not work just for Apple TV.

A user can use the recommended software on Windows. It is important to check whether you possess minimum 2 app-compatible devices (one has to be the computer/iOS device) on the same Wi-Fi network and you are free to go.

If you choose a free application, it will have limited features. Thus, it often makes sense to buy a paid version to get more benefits.