Easy Fixes for Missing Contacts Notes in High Sierra

The Contacts app helps Mac users to efficiently keep track of their social circle by allowing them to manage email addresses, phone numbers, locations, and social profiles. The introduction of macOS Sierra has made it easier to access necessary people by allowing iPhone owners to initiate a call or write a message directly from a contact’s card, which obviated the need for leaving an address book. Another useful feature of the Contacts app is the Notes that can be created for each address book entry and synched across Apple devices.

Despite the extended functionality of the app, some of its users report of not being able to read their notes after upgrading to High Sierra. Those notes that can be read appear to be garbled and truncated, which makes for extremely unpleasant user experience. Sometimes, it happens right after opening the app; sometimes, after resizing its window. More often than not, characters in the Notes are cut off in half horizontally across the sixth line of the text. The existence of this bug interferes with the users’ ability to properly conduct their personal and business communication.

This article aims to help Mac owners solve this issue, thereby sparing them a fair share of frustration and foregone opportunities.

NOTE: It has to be mentioned that the saved notes are not missing; rather, they are stored on iCloud and can be accessed from other Apple devices. The truncated entries in the Notes are just a visual glitch, which can be easily fixed.

Fix Notes Syncying on any Apple Device

There are several useful workarounds for the missing notes issue. A good place to start is to tap on any line in the Notes and add either a character or a blank space. Now the missing lines should reappear on the screen. By entering new characters to the existing notes, users initiate iCloud synchronization, which helps to refresh a contact card.

Another fix to the problem is to simply restart the Contacts app. To this end:

  1. Enter the Apple Menu;
  2. Select the Contacts app;
  3. Click the Force Quit
  4. Wait a few seconds, then start the Contacts app again.

In case the issue involves an iPhone, do the following:

  1. Double-click the Home button to enter the app switcher.

(If you are using iPhone X, swipe left and right on the bar at the bottom of your screen and you will see your open apps. Alternatively, hold your finger down on the home bar to enter the app switcher).

  1. Find the Contacts app and swipe up to close it.

(Users of iPhone X can tap the minus icon to close the app).

  1. Return to the Home screen by pressing the Home

(For iPhone X, it’s a swipe up).

  1. Wait a few seconds, then start the Contacts app again.

If, after trying the above-mentioned fixes, the notes are still missing, it is necessary to make sure that the same Apple ID is used for all devices. It can be done by checking the Settings. To do so:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the iPhone and proceed to iCloud.
  2. Check an ID.
  3. In the Apple Menu of your iMac or MacBook, choose System Preferences and go to iCloud.
  4. Check an ID and make sure that it is identical to the one on the iPhone.

Please note that Apple Support team is already working on a solution to this vexing problem.