How to Switch from Android to iOS and not to Lose Any Data?

move to ios

Going to change your device or have already bought iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? With the ‘Move to iOS’ app (available on Google Play), you can transfer all the necessary information from your old Android device to the new iOS one.

OS requirements

You can perform the switch from Android 4.0 and later to the following iOS devices:

  • iOS 9+;
  • iPhone 5+;
  • iPod touch 6th generation;
  • iPad 4th+ generation;
  • iPod mini 2nd + generation.

Before you switch

  • Make sure the Android device is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Plug both devices to the power source.
  • Ensure that the data you are going to transfer will be supported on the iOS device.
  • In order to transfer Chrome bookmarks, make sure the Chrome app has the latest version on the Android device.

Select the ‘Move Data from Android’ option

Once you turn on your new Apple device and start setting it up, go to Apps&Data and choose the ‘Move Data from Android’ option. In case you have already completed the setup process, erase the iOS device beforehand. Otherwise, you may transfer the necessary information manually.

Find ‘Move to iOS’ on the Android device

Download the ‘Move to iOS’ app on your Android device from Google Play, open it and select Continue. Then, read the terms and conditions carefully, check the Agree box and tap on Next in the Find Your Code screen.

Wait until the code appears

Once you see the screen Move from Android on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, tap Continue and wait for a 6-digit or 10-digit code. If you see an alert about weak Internet connection on the Android device, just ignore it.

Type in the code

Enter the provided code on the Android device and wait until Transfer Data appears.

Select the necessary content

On the Android device, choose the content you wish to transfer and tap on Next. After that, we recommend leaving the devices alone till the process will be finished on the iOS device. Apparently, the duration of the procedure depends on the amount of information to transfer.

You may transfer messages, photos, videos, contacts, bookmarks, calendars and mail accounts. If available on AppStore and Google Play, free apps will get transferred as well.

Finish setup on the iOS device

Once all the information is transferred to the iOS device, select Done on the Android one. Then, on your Apple device, choose Continue and proceed with the provided instructions on how to complete the setup.

Check the transferred information

Finish the switch by making sure that all the information has been transferred. If no, you can always do that manually. As for missing apps, just download them from AppStore.

Need some help with the transfer?

If you face any difficulties with the transfer, we recommend checking the following:

  • Make sure both devices are left alone till the process is finished. Using another app or getting a call on the Android device will interrupt transferring the content.
  • Disable apps and settings that may influence the Wi-Fi connection on the Android device. Then, go to Settings, proceed to Wi-Fi, tap and hold the networks and forget them. After that, try transferring the data again.
  • Reboot both devices.
  • Disable the cellular data on the Android device and try transferring the data again.

Need some help after the transfer?

  • Should your iOS device seem full before the process is finished, erase it and try transferring the data Also, check if the content on your Android device exceeds the available storage on the iOS one.
  • If some apps haven’t been transferred from the Android device, just download them from AppStore.