What OnyX Alternatives to Choose for Mac Cleaning?

Usually, with Mac OS X, you will not run into many problems. However, after some period of constant use, it is possible for Mac to slow down and to make your work on it ‘unpleasant’. When such happens, you are not to panic. Remember, that the best you can do now to help your computer feel better is to free up some hard drive space due to junk data cleaning. Of course, many professional users will choose to do the cleaning on their own manually. But what to do if you are a newbie and do not know how to do it correctly? Then you will need the help of specialized cleaning apps.

One of the apps many Mac users opt to install is OnyX. It is quite convenient and powerful tool aimed at tuning, optimizing, and cleaning Apple’s operating system.


The latest version of OnyX can configure hidden options for Finder, Dock, Safari, Dashboard, Expose, Disk Utility and other system applications. Also, the program will clean the cache, remove unnecessary files, folders and other digital garbage. It also should be mentioned that the app has its own removal module, which allows removing installed applications and their related data.

However, there are a lot of threads on Apple’s Support forum that condemn this cleaning application for poor performance and overall irrelevance. The main argument is that almost all things OnyX does can be performed by Mac computers themselves. Below, you will find three alternative cleaners for Apple computers that are generally considered to be a better choice than OnyX.

The insight into 3 best cleaning apps


ccleaner for macThe biggest advantage of this utility is that it’s free, and has the minimum of really necessary functions. If there is a need for additional features, then the user will be offered the Pro version for $34.95. In general, even the free CCleaner utility is an excellent application to clean the system and optimize the computer. This utility is very popular all over the world.

CleanMyMac 3

clean my mac 3It is not a secret for everybody that CleanMyMac app is considered to be one of the most famous among all cleaning utilities meant for OS X. And its third edition has become even more functional since now it possesses more perfect cleaning algorithm. The advantage of CleanMyMac 3 is not only the ability to clean out the garbage from the system that can appear due to the long-lasting computer use, but also to take away the files that were there initially, but you never needed them or even didn’t know about them.


mainmenu for macThis one can really compete with CleanMyMac 3 and CCleaner. It provides wide opportunities as for cleaning options, for the system fine-tuning. It also comes packed with various useful additional features, such as the clipboard history. The utility is available in two variants: MainMenu and MainMenu Pro, which differ in their functionality and price. You can access all the needed features through a special additional menu in the menu bar.

And you are to remember that it is always up to you which app to choose. So, choose the best for you and enjoy your Mac’s ideal performance.