What Does ‘iTunes.com/bill’ Unknown Payment Mean?

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Seeing ‘iTunes.com/bill’ or any unknown payment on your card statement may be confusing. ‘iTunes.com/bill’ may appear for several reasons:

  • A group of multiple purchases can become a single transaction. This is why the sum charged to a user’s credit or debit card may seem unfamiliar.
  • Users fail to get individual email receipts for every purchase.
  • The charges on a card statement may appear several days after the actual purchase.
  • Different types of bills for purchases from the iTunes Store and App Store: in-app purchases, pre-ordered media purchases, or automatic subscriptions renewal.

Use the following tactics to investigate the unrecognized charges:

  1. Compare your account’s purchase history with the actual payments made from your credit or debit card to the bank statement. Follow the link to view purchase history.
  2. Examine your subscriptions to ensure that charges aren’t related to subscription renewal. It is possible to view, manage and quit subscriptions billed through and outside Apple. If you chose to sign up for the latter, contact the subscription provider to get a purchase history clarification.
  3. Check the purchase history for all registered Apple IDs with a payment method. This will allow seeing which one has access to your debit or credit card details. If any unauthorized payment activities are detected, you can restrict the purchases or even switch on parental controls for specific apps.
  4. In case your Apple devices are shared with other people, there is a way to manage your iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store password preferences.
  5. Make sure no one knows your Apple ID password. In the event any unfamiliar payments have occurred, change the Apple ID password.

It is possible to check your account’s purchase history on available Apple devices.

Apple handheld devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

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  1. Go to Settings -> Username -> iTunes & App Store.
  2. Tap your Apple ID -> View Apple ID. Sign in with your Apple ID, if needed.
  3. Scroll the Account Settings down to Purchase History.
  4. Tap Purchase History to see all purchases made from your account.

In the Purchase History, you will see purchase groups divided by the payment date and payment method for the past 90 days. At the very top of your Payment History, there is a Pending Section containing the items yet uncharged to your account.

  • To modify the time range, you need to view, tap ‘Last 90 Days’ on top of the screen.
  • To see the details of a particular payment and order ID, tap on the > to the right of the total billed charge.
  • To email a receipt, tap ‘Resend’ at the bottom of the invoice details section.
  • To see the date of purchase/download for the particular item and the device it was purchased from, tap an object inside an invoice. In case of an accidental or duplicate purchase, tap “Report a Problem.”

On your Mac or PC

  1. Launch iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID, if requested.
  2. Go to Account -> View My Account located in the menu bar on top of the iTunes window.
  1. Authorize with your Apple ID -> click ‘View Account.’
  2. Scroll to find the Purchase History section. To view all your purchasing activities, click ‘See All’ to the right of Most Recent Purchase date.

Similar to Apple handheld devices, the purchases made for the past 90 days are grouped by the payment date and chosen payment method. It is possible to view the order ID and the details of a specific invoice as well as send a receipt by email.

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