How to Purchase via Ask to Buy in Family Sharing?

Ask to Buy is a special service allowing to control kids’ spending without restricting their privilege to make choices. Ask to Buy works with Family Sharing, so once a child tries to download something for free or make a purchase, the family organizer sees the purchase request. After that, the family organizer can approve or reject the purchase using their iOS device. The purchase request can concern the goods in the App Store, iTunes or iBooks, as well as perform in-app buys, or purchase extra iCloud storage.

When the family organizer authorizes the purchase request, the items download automatically to the device of a family member. If the request is declined, the purchase is not going to happen.

How to Enable Ask to Buy in Family Sharing?

ask to buy request

The family organizer can activate Ask to Buy for underage family members (by default, it’s active for kids under 13). Also, the family members aged over 18 can use Ask to Buy if they family organizer’s permission.

Note: If you disable Ask to Buy for an 18+ family member, you can’t activate it again.

Enable Ask to Buy for iOS devices

  1. Access Settings[username] → tap Family Sharing.

For users of iOS 10.2 and earlier, access SettingsiCloud → tap Family.

  1. Next, select the name of your family member → tap Ask to Buy.

Enable Ask to Buy on Mac

  1. In the Apple menuSystem PreferencesiCloud.
  2. Tap Manage Family → select the name of your family member → choose Ask to Buy.

How to Decline or Approve Ask to Buy Request?

  1. On your Mac or iOS device, open the request notification to the purchase your family member wishes to make.
  2. Confirm or dismiss the purchase request.
  3. In case of confirmation, authenticate with your Apple ID to perform the purchase.
  4. If you dismiss the purchase request or the purchase isn’t completed, it will become unavailable within 24 hours.

Once the item is purchased, it appears in the child’s account and becomes available to the rest of the family in Family Sharing.

How to Select Another Approver?

ask permissions ios

The family organizer can assign the purchase requests management to another parent/guardian. Only one adult can manage a purchase. After the purchase request is confirmed, it is final.

  • On your iOS device, access Settings → [username] → Family Sharing → click your family member → click Parent/Guardian.

Users of iOS 10.2 and earlier, can access SettingsiCloudFamily.

  • On your apple computer, in the Apple menuSystem Preferences → iCloud → choose your family member → choose Parent/Guardian.

How to Make a Request Using Ask to Buy?

To submit a request to the family organizer:

  1. Select the purchased item and click the price. Authenticate with your Apple ID and passcode, if necessary.
  2. Next, the ‘Ask Permission’ pop-up appears → tap Ask. After that, your request will be sent to the family organizer. If you make several requests for the single item, the family organizer will get one notification.

When the purchase is finished, it will get downloaded to your Apple device automatically.